Alumni Association Board of Representatives

The Alumni Association began in 1864 with the establishment of the “Society of Alumni.” Membership was open to all college-educated people in the area. This offered a home on the west coast and encouraged participation and involvement in the advancement of what is now Pacific University.

In 1919, the Society of Alumni transitioned to include only graduates of Pacific University. This group became known as the X.P.U. Club. In 1924 the name changed to Associate Alumni of Pacific University. The intent was to aid the institution both in volunteer time and financial support through the Campaign for Endowment and Maintenance. In 1927, the name was changed to the Pacific University Alumni Association.

Today the purpose of the Alumni Association is to deepen the engagement of alumni and students in a lifelong relationship with Pacific University and to further the welfare of Pacific University.

The Alumni Board of Representatives carries out this purpose through the work of chapters and committees and is governed by the Alumni Association Bylaws

To learn more about how to get involved, please contact the Alumni Association office. Please also contact the office if you would like to connect with members of the Alumni Association Board.

Alumni Association

Executive Committee

Rachel (Johnson) Boone DHS '15  | President

Rhony Bhopla MFA ‘22 | Vice President

Nicole Nowlin '11 | Past President

Brandi (Palmer) Price '12 | Secretary

Juno Apalla '11 | University Council Representative


Sara (George) Babek '12, OD '17

Becky (Matta) Ball '75

Sierra Barnes '18

Jan (Danielson-Sargeant) Burdett '64

Patrice Fuller '16

Edna (Doar) Gehring '70, MSEd '72

Rebekah Goodfellow MBA '22 

Matt Hoffman '97

Jenny Johnson-Riley '98

Karli Kondo '01, MA '04

Jamie Lucero '98

Cal McCarthy '21

Phillip Miner '72

Cea Romero '87

Donald Shaw ‘77

Sherry (Hicks) Smith ‘64

Kathy Walters '89