Ashley Orpeza PharmD ’21: School of Pharmacy Merck Academic Excellence Award

Ashley Orpeza PharmD ’21 is a recipient of Pacific University School of Pharmacy’s 2021 Merck Academic Excellence Award.  Ashley Orpeza PharmD '21

The award honors graduating students who have exhibited excellent scholastic achievement and demonstrated an interest in providing high quality clinical care.

“Ashley is a student model for grit and resilience and while these qualities have served her well, it has also positively influenced her peers,” said nominators. “She has always encouraged her classmates to face new challenges and has remained open and approachable when her help and mentorship is needed.”

Orpeza, who is from Corning, Calif., graduated in May 2021. She is among four 2021 pharmacy graduates to receive the Merck Academic Excellence Award. Others include Shannon Hammond Pharm D ‘21, Anita Hakimi PharmD ‘21, and Ann Tong PharmD ‘21.

The School of Pharmacy fosters a learner-centered community that prepares leaders, scholars, and providers to elevate the pharmacy profession and interprofessional patient-focused care, as well as, preparing healthcare professionals for certification and licensure. The school also offers a master of science in pharmaceutical sciences focused on research.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021