Boxer Love Story: Kim (Bernard) Jacky '99 and Chris Jacky '99

Chris and Kim’s love story started on the soccer field where they both played soccer for Pacific University.

The men’s and women’s team traveled together, practiced at the same facilities and hung out with one another during social events, so it was only a matter of time before Chris and Kim started talking.

During a party, with some liquid courage said Kim, Chris finally got the nerve to talk to her one on one. He pulled Kim into the bathroom to show her the “flowers in his eyes.”

“It was cute, but I wasn’t that impressed,” said Kim.

However, later that night Chris and Kim ended up sitting in the back seat of a car together during a Taco Bell run. They talked and laughed and got to know one another. Chris asked to take Kim to lunch the next day and she agreed. The next day they enjoyed sandwiches at Phil’s Subs.

“After that date I knew that he was the perfect man for me,” said Kim.

They ended spending all their free time together, lying in a hammock under the oak trees, sitting in their dorm rooms, or walking around Trombley Square.

Chris and Kim have now been together for eight years, married for five. They have one daughter Ella, who is two-years-old and another baby on the way.

“Although our time at Pacific University was short, we reminisce about our experiences there quite often. We hope to make it back to visit soon,” said Kim.

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Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014