Boxer Love Story: Susan (Hackleman) Luther '74, MAT '03 and Ted Luther '73

The first week I arrived at Pacific in late summer 1970, I was 18 years old and excited for the opportunity to establish myself as a serious student. My roommate, however, was much more excited about meeting new people (boys) and finding social opportunities (parties). Both of us graduated from the same high school in southern California and were aware of the reputations held by frat guys. She was undaunted; I however, was more so. Nevertheless, she talked me into going to an Alpha Zeta frat party the first weekend we had settled into our dorms. This was a time when curfews were strictly followed, so I reminded her that I had every intention of being back in time.

I have to say that the AZ party turned out to be a lot of fun, especially after meeting sophomore Ted Luther. He was kind and respectful — just the opposite of what seasoned students had warned me of. At some point during the night someone suggested that it was time to pick corn for a roast. Ted suggested I go with them, but, I had chosen to wear a new outfit to the party and wasn't about to ruin it the first weekend of my college experience. Being the gentleman he proved to be, he offered to let me use his room while he guarded the door, to change into a pair of his jeans and a t-shirt. I folded my new outfit and left it on his bed and off for an adventure we went! 

After we had gathered enough corn for the roast (don't ask where we got the corn) I suddenly realized that it was nearly midnight. With great concern and fear, I told Ted he needed to get me back to the Walter Hall immediately! I think we left the others in the field because I don't remember anyone else in the car when he drove quickly back to my dorm. I barely made it back in time, and, as the doors were closing I heard Ted tell me to meet him at the armory for an intra-mural football game the next day.

I was eager to see him again, so I left the dorm before noon and found the armory where I sat on a blanket waiting for him to arrive. A boy I met earlier that week in one of my classes came and sat down next to me. He was doing his best to get to know me when I saw Ted and some of his fraternity brothers approach. Ted had a bag in his hands and without so much as a hello or good bye, said "I had a great time last night. Here are your clothes." The boy quietly got up and mumbled something about having to go somewhere and I could not stop laughing! I figured if he could make me laugh that much, then it was worth getting to know him.

After three years of dating we were married in September 1973 and have been married for over 45 years. We raised three great kids and now enjoy the love of our four grandchildren. Considering all the ups and downs life presents, we still love a good laugh!

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Monday, Feb. 18, 2019