CGE Presents Conference on Masculinities & Gender

Conference on Masculinities & Gender

Conference on Masculinities & Gender
March 15-16, 2019
Pacific University Hillsboro Campus

The Pacific University Center for Gender Equity presents the Conference on Masculinities & Gender: Research, Practice, and Community Activism to Promote Social Change with keynote speaker CJ Pascoe.

Research on boys and men has grown significantly across disciplines over the past few decades. As more is learned about masculinities in diverse contexts and cultural groups and with regard to developmental, social, historical, and psychological implications, there continues to be tremendous potential of scholarly and societal importance in this area of study.

While many boys and men are doing well with indications that messages about manhood and masculinities are becoming more flexible, there continue to be compelling indicators that countless boys and men are struggling. Recent examples of this struggle include the implications of the #metoo movement and the surge in mass shootings. Thus, the important work of holistically understanding diverse modalities of masculinity, along with providing better support for boys and men from different backgrounds and identity statuses, continues.

By bringing together scholars from around the world and across disciplines, this conference furthers the developmental, social, historical, literary, and psychological implications of the study of masculinity, in addition to examining the concepts in historical and/or cultural context; it supports the exploration of masculinities findings and theoretical advancements in research, practice, and community activism with an eye to promote positive societal change.

The mission of the Pacific University Center for Gender Equity is to support gender equity through dialogue, programming, service, research, education, and advocacy in order to facilitate collaborative, humane and sustainable university, local and global communities.

$125 | Conference Attendance
$160 | Conference Attendance + 4 CE Hours for Psychologists
$50 | Conference Attendance for Students (Student IDs will be checked at the door)




Friday, Jan. 18, 2019