Continuing the Conversation with Lee Mun Wah

Master diversity facilitator and filmmaker, Lee Mun Wah, interacted with more than 600 members of the Pacific University community Oct. 6-7 during his keynote, three workshops, and a screening of his film, "If These Halls Could Talk." Lee Mun Wah calls his visits to college campuses, "An Unfinished Conversation," because the conversation continues to matter right now. Students, faculty, and staff who want to continue the conversation or provide feedback about the events may submit comments and connect via this online evaluation.

An audio recording of Lee Mun Wah's keynote presentation in Stoller Center on Oct. 6 is available for download on Box with your PUNetID. A student crew filmed the event. Additional materials will be added to that Box location or updated in this article as they become available.

Additional copies of handouts used by Lee Mun Wah are available from Student Activities. Please e-mail your name and UC Box to to request available materials. Students are welcome to request copies used during the faculty and staff workshop. Free handouts are also avaialble for download at

Many of Lee Mun Wah's films and publications are available in Pacific University libraries. The materials available in the library are noted on this StirFry Seminars order form, which also entitles workshop participants to a 50 percent discount on all materials for two weeks from the date of the workshops. Materials may also be purchased at Workshop participants enter the code SEMINAR at check-out to receive 50 percent off for two weeks only. Online rentals of Lee Mun Wah's films are also available at The Stir Fry Seminars order form also includes other training opportunities offered by Lee Mun Wah.

Besides many student organizations and academic departments that care for diversity at Pacific, students who need support are also encouraged to use the offices listed at Support at Pacific at the top of the website.

Human Resources, the Undergraduate Student Senate, the Professional Student Senate, and the Division of Social Sciences sponsored Lee Mun Wah's day-and-a-half visit to Pacific University. Additional coordination and support for his workshop for faculty and staff was provided by the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Academic Affairs.

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016