COVID-19 Response Team Recruiting Students

Help your friends and yourself – join the COVID-19 Response Team.

We are now actively recruiting students for a crucial campus job – supporting the university effort to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please sign up now if you’d like to join the team. 

The COVID-19 Response Team will work on a variety of efforts across campus to keep Boxers safe, strong, and healthy. The program is designed for flexibility and will evolve with the changing needs of our campus community. Some of the anticipated areas of work that students will do include:

  • Public Health
    • mask education, assisting with temperature checks, sanitizing, PPE questions, contact tracing
  • Communications
    • maintaining and updating signage, information liaisons, creative student outreach
  • Tech Support
    • classroom Zoom assistants, Moodle help, event support
  • Logistics
    • runners for food/books/supplies, traffic flow guides
  • Community wellness
  • Boxer Spirit
    • peer-to-peer support, collective stress reduction, reinforcing ethics of care and community

Students on the COVID-19 Response Team will get special training, team support, and other perks. Students may also take an optional class in conjunction with your duties on the COVID-19 Response Team to earn credit and fulfill the Civic Engagement (CE) requirement. Team members will gain practical skills, learn more about the coronavirus pandemic, and contribute to community health and resiliency.

Become a pandemic superhero and support your community. Please sign up now! #BoxersUnite

Wednesday, July 22, 2020