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Boxer Food Share and the Finders Keepers Free Store will remain open during the winter break with only slight variations in hours! Students, faculty and staff are still welcome to come in! Learn more about the holiday schedule.
Worried about hard conversations over the Thanksgiving dinner table? You're not alone. The Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement has created a quick guide for managing these conversations.
Are you passionate about voter engagement? The Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement is hiring a Pacific Votes student ambassador. larn more and apply today!
Hey Boxers - What are you up to this week? The MCCE is watching the polls, gearing up for a long weekend, and thinking about how we can get outside & spend some time in this beautiful fall weather.
Happy October, Boxers! 'Tis the season. We're starting to see a lot more seasonal volunteer opportunities for service! Check it out in this week's civic action update from the Tom McCall Center.
Ballot drop box
Nov. 7, 2023, is an “off-year” election in the U. S. Off-year refers to the fact that it is neither a presidential nor mid-term election. Instead the election will feature city and county level elections (e.g. mayors), citizen initiatives and special elections to fill vacancies.
It's National Voter Education Week from Oct 2-6. Voters, especially new voters, don’t always know where to go for information to help them cast their ballots. That’s where National Voter Education Week comes in.
As you pull out your sweaters and scarves for fall, now would be a good time to make a plan for staying social and engaged even as the weather changes. We recommend finding a volunteering routine so you can continue to learn about our community and feel the surge of endorphins from a job well done. 
During the closure of Pacific Hall for renovations, many of the university's campus centers are located in temporary locations around campus. Find out where all the action is happening and how you can participate.