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Boxer Softball — and Judy Sherman — Turned a Corner in 1980 | That was the year that Boxer softball reached the national stage, and it concided with Coach Judy Sherman's rise ot national prominence in the sport. The Boxer Hall of Fame is taking note.

Pacific Optometry Researchers Probe Causes of Myopia in Children | Fueled by a grant from the Newton Wesley Foundation, researchers at Pacific's College of Optometry are tackling a huge and growing problem, studying the factors that contribute to nearsightedness in children. 

Zach Binkerd '14, MAT '16 Aims to Help Boxer Wrestling Get Off the Mat | Men's and women's wrestling coach Zach Binkerd and his father, Kevin Binkerd '87, are seeking to renew interest in Boxer wrestling.

Newcomer Scholarship Helps Students Born Outside the United States | Meet Annie Ho '22, a biology major with a heart for service. Born in Vietnam, Ho is the first recipient of Pacific University's Newcomer Scholarship, endowed to assist students who were born outside the United States.

Winter 2022 | Vol. 54 No. 2
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