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cover of Spring 2023 issue of Pacific MagazineAs Pacific Grows Into a New Century, Alumni Stay True To Its Mission | In many ways, the university grew up in the decades surrounding the turn of the new century. It added majors, expanded enrollment and elevated its national profile. All the while, it continued to send alumni out to think, care, create and pursue justice.

More Than Ever, Pacific is a Portal to the World | When students attend Pacific University, they have the potential to launch themselves into the world beyond. And hundreds have done just that, broadening their perspectives and expanding their horizons, while carrying Pacific’s influence farther into the world.

Dwell in Possibility | Pacific University inaugurates its first alumna president. Even as higher education seems to be under attack, says new leader Jenny Coyle, “We will thrive. How do I know? I know us.”

The Queer Experience at Pacific | The 1990s was a watershed period for LGBTQ+ rights across the country. In Oregon and at Pacific, incremental gains were accomplished amid a climate of of fear and hostility. Through the social and institutional challenges, progress continued. Today, the university works to celebrate diversity.

Spring 2023 | Vol. 56 No. 1
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