Pacific Named One of the Nation's 'Most Engaged Campuses' For its Voter Participation Efforts

Pacific University was noted for its efforts to promote voting among its students, earning recognition as one of America’s 2022 Most Engaged Campuses by Civic Nation, a nonprofit group. Pacific was one of five Oregon schools to make the list.

Most Engaged schools promote efforts to encourage their students to vote, including participating in Civic Nation’s All In Challenge, a nonpartisan initiative to encourage voting.

Young voters were a significant bloc in the 2022 midterm elections. After polls closed, National Public Radio reported “midterm turnout among people under 30 was the second highest it's been in three decades, outpaced only by 2018.” 

Pacific promotes civic awareness and participation in many ways, often led by students and faculty in the McCall Center for Civic Engagement. The nonpartisan McCall Center conducts awareness campaigns, service work, and acts of civic engagement. Pacific’s College of Arts & Sciences also requires its students to complete a civic engagement requirement.

Monday, Nov. 21, 2022