Civic Engagement Core Requirement

Pacific prepares students for a life as informed and active citizens and community members through an experiential civic engagement requirement.

By working in partnership with campus and community organizations, CE courses and projects address significant social, political, or environmental issues through actions that can make a difference on those issues, including service, advocacy, awareness-raising, action-oriented research, electoral participation, and political involvement.

Students are encouraged to move beyond fulfillment of the requirement by taking additional CE courses and/or participating in co-curricular civic engagement activities. Learn more about civic engagement through the Center for Civic Engagement.

Civic Engagement can be met by completing a class that has been designated "CE" or through a project approved by the Center for Civic Engagement.

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • apply disciplinary knowledge (facts, theories, experiences, etc.) to one’s own participation in civic life, politics, and government;
  • effectively communicate (e.g., express, listen, and adapt to others) in a civil manner (i.e., courteous and respectful regardless of differences);
  • demonstrate attitudes of social responsibility (i.e., individual and collective obligation to act for the greater good).


Courses that meet the Civic Engagement requirement: Credits:
ANTH 207 Good Food: Eating & Community 4
ANTH/PH/GSS 311 Medicine, Body, & Culture 4
APTH 215 Applied Theatre Workshop 4
APTH 315 Applied Theatre Workshop II 4
APTH 320 Theater in Mental Health: UK 2
ARTST 122 Studio I CE 2-4
ARTST 222 Studio II CE 2-4
ARTST 207 Design for Sustainability 4
ARTST 307 Leadership through Design 2
ARTST 370 Interdisciplinary Design Studio 4
ARTST 371 Interdisciplinary Design Seminar 2
ARTST 372 Interdisciplinary Design Seminar for Non-Majors 2
BA 353 Community Financial Literacy 2
CIV 100 College 3D 2
CIV 105 Intro to Civic Engagement 2
CIV 110 Civic Engagement Project 0-1
CIV 111 Civic Engagement and Diversity Project 2
CIV 212 Civically Engaged Travel 2
CIV 227 Action for Affordable Housing 2
CIV 233 Healthy Communities 2
CIV 240 Food for Thought and Action 2
CIV 305 Advanced Civic Engagement 2
CIV 315 Civic Engagement Mentoring 2
CIV 317 Introduction to Grant Writing and Non-Profit Fundraising 2
CIV 330 Advanced Peer Health Education 2
DS 204 Working w/People w/Disability 4
EDUC 300 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 4
EDUC 372 The Ecuadorian Experience: Language, Culture, and Education 2
EDUC 467 Tapalpa, Mexico: Teaching Prac. 3
ENGL 223 Native American Literature 4
ENGW 202 Writing About Disability 4
EXIP 481 Applied Nutrition 4
EXMB 413 Adult Fitness Practicum: Boxer Boot Camp 2
GSS 341 Service for Gender Equity 2
GSS/HUM 310 Travel in India 2
HUM 221 Ethics & Civic Engagement 2
MEDA 153 Video for Community Engagement 4
MEDA 353 Video for Community Engagement Mentor 4
MEDA 360 Integrated Media Project Design & Planning 4
PH 490 Public Health Practicum and Senior Project 6
PHIL 202 Ethics and Society 4
POLS 302 Parties and Elections 4
POLS 304 Community Politics 4
PSY 310 Community Psychology 4
SOC 360 Critical Race Theory 4
SOCWK 201 Principles of Social Work 4
SOCWK 301 Macro Social Work Practice 4
SPAN 325 Mex-Amer Cultural Exploration 4
WORL 365 Teaching Lang & Culture Elem School 4