Civic Engagement Core Requirement

Pacific prepares students for a life as informed and active citizens and community members through an experiential civic engagement requirement.

By working in partnership with campus and community organizations, CE courses and projects address significant social, political, or environmental issues through actions that can make a difference on those issues, including service, advocacy, awareness-raising, action-oriented research, electoral participation, and political involvement.

Students are encouraged to move beyond fulfillment of the requirement by taking additional CE courses and/or participating in co-curricular civic engagement activities. Learn more about civic engagement through the McCall Center for Civic Engagement.

Civic Engagement can be met by completing a class that has been designated "CE" or through an approved project. Students can propose a 0 - 4 credit project to fulfill this requirement (2 - 4 credits is typical). There needs to be a good justification for a project in lieu of a course and a faculty sponsor is required.

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • apply disciplinary knowledge (facts, theories, experiences, etc.) to one’s own participation in civic life, politics, and government;
  • effectively communicate (e.g., express, listen, and adapt to others) in a civil manner (i.e., courteous and respectful regardless of differences);
  • demonstrate attitudes of social responsibility (i.e., individual and collective obligation to act for the greater good).