Sustainability Core Requirement

Sustainability is a conceptual framework, and set of practices that recognize the complexity, embeddedness, and interconnections between ecological integrity, social equity, and economic vitality; and actively works toward ethical, trans-disciplinary solutions across local and global scales that advance the wellbeing of people and places now and in the future. Learn more about sustainability through the Center for a Sustainable Society.

Students can propose a 0 - 4 credit project to fulfill this requirement. There should be a good justification for a project in lieu of a course and a faculty sponsor is required. Please complete this project application form (.docx) [PDF version] and submit it to Ramona Ilea.

Students may choose to propose a project that spans two terms when appropriate to the project goals. See the form for more information about this option.

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • evaluate sustainability issues and solutions using an approach that focuses on the intersections between complex human and natural systems.
  • describe the three aspects of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and give examples of how at least two of the three are interrelated.
  • articulate how sustainability relates to their lives as community members, workers and individuals and how their actions impact sustainability.

Students complete a class from the courses listed below or do a project approved by the Center for Sustainability Studies.

Courses that Fulfill the Sustainability Core Requirement Credits
ARTHI 282/382 ST: Art and Sustainability 2
ARTST 107 Systems Thinking 2
ARTST 122 Studio 1 CE: The Creative Process 2-4
ARTST 123 Studio 1: The Creative Process (No CE) 2-4
ARTST 210 Material Science for Makers 2
ARTST 207 Design for Sustainability 4
ARTST 222 Studio II CE: Exploration 2-4
ARTST 223 Studio II: Exploration (No CE) 2-4
ARTST 370 Interdisciplinary Design 4
ARTST 372 Interdisciplinary Design Seminar 2-4
BIOL 160 Plants and Civilizations 2
CIV 240 Food for Thought and Action 2
CJLS 310 Green Criminology 4
ECON 233 Intro to Environmental Economics 4
EDUC 110 The Art and Science of Student Flourishing 2
EDUC 210 Education for Sustainability 2
EDUC 311 Applied Experiential Learning 2
EDUC 312 Community-Based Solutions in Education 2
ENV 121 Our Global Environment 4
ENV 131 Introduction to Environmental Issues in Hawaii 2
ENV 132 Environmental Issues in Hawaii 2
ENV 141 Permaculture Science 4
ENV 200 Sustainability Science 4
ENV 204 Sustainable Use: Soil and Water 4
ENV 210 Tropical Environmental Biology 4
ENV 222/ENGL 222 Environmental Literature 4
ENV 224 Environmental Politics 4
ENV 230 Restoration Ecology 4
ENV 233 Interpersonal Sustainability Leadership 2
ENV 250 Frameworks of Sustainability 2
ENV 260 Oregon Natural History 4
ENV 312 Sustainable Agriculture in the Global Economy 2
ENV/PSY 313 Ecopyschology 4
ENV/BIOL 325 Conservation Biology 4
ENV/ECON 333 Environmental Economics 4
ENV 344 Environmental Toxicology 2
ENV 352 Gender and the Environment 4
ENV/HIST 441 Environmental History 4
HIST 155 (spring '20) Global History of Food 4
HIST 355 (Spring '21) Environment and the City in Japan 4
KINES 209 Surf Science 2
KINES 216 Hunger and the Global Environment 2
KINES 389 Advanced Surf Science 2
PH 320 Environmental Health 4
PHIL/ENV 321 Environmental Ethics 4
PHIL/ENV 322 Animal Ethics 4
PSY 324 Comparative Behavior 2
PSY 452 Behavioral Endocrinology 4
SINP 102 Innovation and Leadership Seminar 2
SOCWK 355 (spring '20) Environmental Justice 4