Sustainability Core Requirement

Sustainability is a conceptual framework, and set of practices that recognize the complexity, embeddedness, and interconnections between ecological integrity, social equity, and economic vitality; and actively works toward ethical, trans-disciplinary solutions across local and global scales that advance the wellbeing of people and places now and in the future. Learn more about sustainability through the Center for a Sustainable Society.

Students can propose a 0 - 4 credit project to fulfill this requirement. There should be a good justification for a project in lieu of a course and a faculty sponsor is required. Please complete this project application form (.docx) [PDF version] and submit it to Ramona Ilea.

Students may choose to propose a project that spans two terms when appropriate to the project goals. See the form for more information about this option.

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • evaluate sustainability issues and solutions using an approach that focuses on the intersections between complex human and natural systems.
  • describe the three aspects of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) and give examples of how at least two of the three are interrelated.
  • articulate how sustainability relates to their lives as community members, workers and individuals and how their actions impact sustainability.