Senior Capstone | Core Requirements

One requirement that helps Pacific Graduates stand out in job searches and graduate school is the Senior Capstone.  All undergraduate students are required to complete a senior research project with a public presentation, performance/show, or internship with a public presentation as part of their major and core.

Most presentations take place on Senior Projects Day (a Wednesday in April every year).  There are no classes on Senior Projects Day so that all students, faculty, and staff can attend the presentations. 

Double Majors

In cases where a student has more than one major, the student must complete the coursework listed in the catalog as required for the majors. In regard to the capstone project, a student usually completes separate projects for each major. If approved and coordinated by the departments or programs involved, a student may complete one interdisciplinary project. Departments and programs may not waive credits associated with capstones but may substitute an alternative for students completing another major with a capstone.

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • independently design, develop, and implement a substantial piece of work.
  • integrate knowledge and practices learned throughout the student’s major field(s) of study.
  • effectively disseminate the process, results, and potential impacts and limitations of the project to a broad audience orally, in writing, or via other appropriate modes of communication.