Forming Community from a Distance | Episode #6, Rising from the Margins

In last week’s video titled, Racial microaggressions: Why didn’t I speak up?, I talked about the self-preservative measure of making an intentional decision to not confront an oppressor who is spewing hate or enacting microaggressions. I want to reinforce the message that the act of resistance does not stop there, it requires follow up self-care done within relationship. What I mean is that we need to have our pain and humiliation caused by the racial microaggression to be seen and heard by a safe and trusting person or persons. We need to be told by another human being that what had happened to us was real, that it was wrong and had done harm to the core of our beings. Check out today’s video for strategies on how you can create the community that you need during this pandemic.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020