'I Want to Bring Passion to My Classrooms'

Pamela Lee '19, MAT '20Growing up, Pamela Lee '19, MAT '20 looked up to all of her teachers.

“I saw them as hardworking, dedicated, and supportive human beings that cared so much about teaching and inspiring children in the community,” Lee said. “They did anything and everything to get their students excited about learning. They were role models inside and outside of the classroom. I want to be able to bring the same determination, excitement, and passion in my classrooms, and be a role model that my students can depend on and look up to.”

As an undergraduate, she majored in education and learning on Pacific University’s Forest Grove Campus, where she gained hands-on experience in the innovative Early Learning Community.

“I [got] to engage with children who are from the Forest Grove community and from outside,” she said. “I [got] to see the way teachers use lessons to promote a certain activity or lesson.”

After graduating, she continued with her master of arts in teaching at Pacific to complete her teaching license.

“I appreciated the small class sizes, supporting professors, awesome peers, and the overall atmosphere of Pacific,” she said.

Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021