Katie Lightcap '18: 'Being a Boxer Has Pushed Me'

Katie Lightcap '18

Katie Lightcap ’18 was never very interested in science.

Then, as a high school soccer player, she suffered a traumatic brain injury while playing soccer. As she navigated the healthcare system, she found her interest sparked.

“This exposure to many healthcare fields and careers spiked my interest, and my own passion to be an advocate for people living with disabilities from my own personal experience pushed me in the science direction,” she said.

Assisted by Pacesetters and merit scholarships, Lightcap came to Pacific University, drawn by its small-town setting and friendly environment.

“I love the support I get from all facets of the campus community,” she said.

“My professors have stumped me, my bosses have become valued mentors, and my coworkers have become my team.

“The relationships I have made here at Pacific are unlike any I would have made at a larger school.”

She is majoring in biology and minoring in anthropology, and she keeps busy balancing schoolwork, clubs, and her role as the 2017-2018 student body president.

After graduation in 2018, she hopes to pursue a graduate degree and career as a physician assistant.

“Being a Boxer has pushed me to be a kinder person, practice empathy, and laugh more often,” she said. “I love Pacific and am so grateful I will be able to get my degree from a place that has so quickly become a second home.”

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017