Making Magic with the School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Students Present at ConventionMany would agree that Disneyland is one of the most “magical places on Earth,” and Earvin “Magic” Johnson is one of the greatest basketball players to have played the game, but what do these two things have in common? The obvious answer is magic. Specifically, “Some Midyear Magic,” the theme of the 2018 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ Midyear Clinical Meeting held in the Anaheim Convention Center next door to Disneyland, with the keynote speaker being Magic Johnson. This year, from Dec. 1 to 6, faculty, residents, fellows and students of the Pacific University School of Pharmacy joined more than 20,000 pharmacist in Anaheim to feel some midyear magic and to bring some magic of their own. 

Each year students, residents and fellows ponder on the next step of their career and inquire as to whether or not they should attend the Midyear Clinical Meeting. Though attendance is required for some and not for others, in essence each is asking, "What 'magic' is possible for me if I attend Midyear?"

This magic doesn’t just happen, but rather is made and prepared for as a stark contrast from running with the bulls to speed dating can be made to describe the Midyear activities that prepares one for the next step. For students and PGY1 residents, one must prepare for the residency showcase by researching each position available, struggling with questions to ask, and finally mapping out the plan as to avoid being trampled by the thousands of other perspective residents during the showcase.

For residents and fellows, the preparation is much the same as for the showcase, but rather than being trampled, one must figure out in a short, speed-dating fashion, during the Personnel Placement Services’ Interviews, if a particular position tickles their fancy or not. In essence, students, residents, and fellows leave Midyear with many additional questions to ponder as they prepare to send out application materials for the next phase of their pharmacy lives.

Though the reasons each person chooses to attend the Midyear Clinical meeting differs, collectively one thing for sure can be said, that is, Pacific was well represented and brought the magic. This magic began with many firm handshakes and many, albeit less formal, bear hugs and at times high-pitched screams of excitement as alumni, faculty and current students reunited, in many cases, for the first time in a long time.

The magic continued throughout the week as the School of Pharmacy continued to make its mark on and in the profession of pharmacy through the residency showcase, continuing education sessions and ultimately the overwhelming number of posters that were presented.

Over the duration of the meeting, 25 poster were presented, including two posters by fellows, four by residents, and 19 by students/faculty. These posters, in addition to other education disseminated, represented long, hard work and marks a milestone of contribution and giving back to the profession of pharmacy while bring some Pacific University School of Pharmacy magic of its own.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019