Nominate a Colleague or Community Member for Service Awards

With the utmost pride and respect for the Pacific University community, we would like to announce that the nominations for Pacific University’s service awards are now open.

As you gear up for Spring semester, please consider nominating your colleagues and community members who have gone the extra mile for Pacific University and our students.

Nominations are due Feb. 16, and forms are online for the Diversity Awards, and Community Awards.

Staff awards include the Outstanding Leadership Award, Outstanding Contribution to the University Award, Splendid Audacity Award, Boxer Spirit Award, and Dedication to Students Award. If you know of a staff member who is deserving of a nomination for one of these awards, you can nominate them directly through the online form (please note requirements for nomination criteria and statements of support) or coordinate with their area vice president to provide additional letters of support.

Faculty awards include the Distinguished University Professor, Junior Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship and Services, and President’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching. If you know of a faculty member who is deserving of a nomination for one of these awards, please reach out to your area dean or director.

Diversity awards which both staff and faculty are eligible for include the Kate Garrison "Overcoming the Odds" Award and University Diversity & Justice Award.

All awards will be presented at the annual Honors & Awards Ceremony on May 8, 2024.

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023