'This is One of The Most Rewarding Jobs'

Emily Gaines '20Emily Gaines '20 came to Pacific University to play softball — and she stayed for the relationships.

“I loved the homey feel. The class sizes were perfect, because you actually had relationships with your classmates and the professors, which makes classes a lot of fun,” Gaines said.

Though she only played softball for two years, Gaines went all-in for her education and learning major, which prepared her for a career as a teacher.

“Aside from having a passion to work with children, I believe this is one of the most rewarding jobs around,” Gaines said. “You will never realize how much you mean to your students and I am so excited to have an impact on students in and outside of the classroom.”

The education and learning major at Pacific University is a traditional undergraduate program on the Forest Grove Campus. Students earn a bachelor of arts and have the opportunity to earn their preliminary teaching license while gaining a residential campus experience.

Monday, April 11, 2022