Pacific Board of Trustees Lauds Response to Challenges

To the Pacific University Family, 

As we approach the end of 2020 members of the Board of Trustees want to tell each and every one of you — students, faculty, staff, deans and directors, President Hallick and her leadership team — how deeply we appreciate your efforts and cooperation in this challenging year of COVID-19. 

We know of the stress and exhaustion that is felt by all of you. We know of the disappointments and hardships endured by many students and your families.

We also know of — and greatly appreciate — the support and caring you have had for one another — student to student, faculty to student, faculty to faculty, person to person, across each campus. 

We appreciate the wise guidance of university leaders, staff, and faculty as you managed the layers of complexities and shifting external environment of the pandemic. 

Now, as the year end approaches, the board reaffirms our confidence in Pacific University and its readiness for a future where students and faculty will thrive. 

We send our heartfelt wishes for a safe holiday season and for a New Year of promise and hope for 2021 and beyond. 

Gerald Yoshida '73, Chair
Mindy Cameron '65, MFA '18, Immediate Past Chair
Kenneth McGill, Vice Chair
Patrick Clark '93, Vice Chair, Investment Chair
Lesley Hallick, President
Julie Berglund Baker, Academic Affairs Chair
Dan James '87, Academic Affairs Vice Chair
Robert Barrett '66, Advancement Co-Chair
Nancy Phillips '77, MAT '82, Advancement Co-Chair
Tim Schauermann '66, Audit Chair
Jim Fitzgerald '68, Audit Vice Chair
Gene Zurbrugg, Campus Property Chair
Norman Scott '63, Committee on Trustees Chair
Sheri Garboden '76, Committee on Trustees Vice Chair
Mark Frandsen, Finance Chair
Martin Moll, Finance Vice Chair
Becky Graham, Enrollment Management & Student Life Co-Chair
Mike Henningsen, Enrollment Management & Student Life Co-Chair

Evona Brim
Julia Brim-Edwards
Manuel Castañeda
Fawzy Elbarbry
Gloria Everett
Kelli Gehrs '81, '82
Jamie Haag
Michael Hudson '77
Hong Huynh '95
Peter Kohler
Matthew Lowe
Emmanuel Luvert '17, PhDEL '22
Chika Matsumoto '21
Richard Miles
Cameron Perry '65
Chuck Quinn
Tommy Thayer Hon. '18
Tim Tran '74
Doug Weberling '72, OD '74
Friday, Dec. 11, 2020