Pacific Hall Construction Update | May 2023

Last call for packing up your offices and labeling boxes, desks, chairs and equipment if you work in Pacific Hall. Contractors will be on-site Friday, May 26, to start prepping for construction, which begins Tuesday, May 30. 

Pacific Hall is expected to reopen for Spring 2024. The renovation will create additional classrooms and computer technology labs and improve student services offices, as well as address necessary infrastructure upgrades.

Schedule & Campus Impacts

Walsh Construction, select subcontractors, Mahlum Architects, and Cumming Management Group will be on-site Friday, May 26, to begin preparations for the construction start date of Tuesday, May 30. Activities will include marking items for salvage, ensuring all spaces and pathways have been cleared/made ready for construction access, placing temporary protection, outlining the footprint for the construction fence, and beginning to bring in materials and light equipment. No demolition work will be completed prior to erection of construction fence and official start on May 30. Users should expect the presence of construction personnel throughout the day Friday.

Full mobilization of the project is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30. On this date, Walsh Construction will erect the construction fence, safely shut off utilities to Pacific Hall to begin demolition work and begin moving equipment and materials on site. At this time, Pacific Hall will be generally closed to users for the remainder of the 2023 calendar year. Please be advised regarding construction noise, and the presence of trucks and construction vehicles on this date. Crews will begin working on-site at 7 a.m. each morning.

At the start of construction, the fire lane north of Pacific Hall will be closed to pedestrian traffic.

Demolition and abatement work will commence on Tuesday, May 30. Impacts from this work will include noise, vibration, and dust at Pacific Hall as well as the presence of construction vehicles on-campus to fill dumpsters and haul away debris. Most of the demolition work will be contained in the interior of Pacific Hall, and contractors will work to minimize the impacts as best as possible. However, please be advised that campus users in Marsh Hall, Trombley Square, Washburne University Center, Walter Hall & Annex, the Bates House, and Tran Library may experience these impacts to some extent.

Hazardous materials abatement will begin in conjunction with demolition on Tuesday, May 30. PMG Abatement Contractors will place containment to enclose spaces to contain remove hazardous materials beginning with the main entrance, first floor lobby, and first floor perimeter. Abatement work will produce noise, vibration, and dust.

Demolition activities, including selective interior demolition and removal of the existing windows for replacement will continue throughout the months of June and July 2023. Walsh will board 1st floor rough openings upon window removal to secure assets stored in the building.

Move Transition

The University has hired movers to assist with moving furniture and equipment out of Pacific Hall before construction. Please be advised that there will be moving crews on campus Friday, May 26.

Holidays & Campus Events

Memorial Day | Monday, May 29

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023