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Les AuCoin '69
The newly remodeled building at the heart of the Forest Grove Campus, formerly known as Pacific Hall, honors the nine-time Congressman for his lifetime of service.
Second floor Pacific Hall
Students and employees will see a lot of activity on the Forest Grove Campus over the next few weeks before the start of spring semester. Learn more about final building preparations, as we say goodbye to Pacific Hall and usher in the newly renovated AuCoin Hall.
The week of Dec. 11 was the last full week of pre-punch construction activities. This work will continue through December alongside backpunch work, as Walsh prepares to hand spaces over in early January for owner work and move in. 
Pacific Hall remodel Clic
During the week of Dec. 8, ceiling tile was installed throughout the building , and concrete floor polishing is tracking ahead of schedule on Level 2. Downstairs, the art gallery floors were polished, flooring at the CLIC was set, and UIS began reconnecting wireless access points and hanging TV mounts and monitors.
December is the last full month of construction for the Pacific Hall project. Any corrective work will take place through the first week of January. Faculty and staff move-in is expected to take place the last two weeks of January.
Pacific Hall exterior
Finish work continues throughout the building as we look forward to wrapping up the bulk of the remaining construction activities, cleaning, and punching spaces in the next six to seven weeks.
Spaces will begin to come ready for final cleaning, AV install, and furniture moving in mid-December. As a whole, the building will remain closed for full move-in until substantial completion and temporary occupancy on Jan. 10, 2024. The construction fence comes down the following week on Jan. 17. 
Door frames have been prepped and painted, and lighting and MEP trim is being installed throughout Level 2. The next couple weeks will see the team moving into installing equipment and accessories before rough clean and flooring install.
Painting on level 2 of Pacific Hall is complete and the project moves to level 1 for a bathroom refresh. Windows have been installed and passed their final round of testing. Learn more about what's in store for November.
Pacific Hall Construction
With the seismic upgrade complete, the full focus of the construction now turns to the finish sequence on both levels inside the building as well as to the repair/refurbishment work at the building’s exterior.