Pacific Hall Update | Week of Oct. 16

With the seismic upgrade complete, the full focus of the construction now turns to the finish sequence on both levels inside the building as well as to the repair/refurbishment work at the building’s exterior, beginning with the replacement of the existing wall joints.

Drywall taping and painting is continuing upstairs over the next couple weeks, while MEP and fire sprinkler install, framing, and preparation for drywall continues downstairs. In the lobby, cloud ceilings are being hung in the main entry and above the main stair, and the team has extended the plywood enclosure at the main entry to make ready for some additional concrete re-work to tie in with the new ramp.

The furniture package for the project has been finalized and approved, and placement of the order is in process. Furniture will begin arriving to the Environments (the selected furniture vendor) warehouse in mid-December, with move-in tentatively scheduled for mid-January. As construction wraps up in select spaces in mid-to-late December, the team is exploring opportunities to begin moving existing furniture and equipment back into the building early, connecting AV equipment, and preparing to re-open the building at the end of January.

The project remains on schedule for substantial completion on Jan. 10, 2024, and re-opening of the building for spring semester on Jan. 29, 2024. 

Detailed Construction Update

Seismic Upgrade

The seismic upgrade is now complete.

Site and Exterior Work

The new rooftop mechanical unit was installed on Oct. 13.

NW Masonry completed exterior brick and concrete repairs last week. This week, they are in process of removing the existing caulk joints between the brick and concrete to make ready for the new joints, as well as cleaning paint off existing brick.

Exterior sheet metal window sill flashing is being installed this week, with completion scheduled for Oct. 20.

Installation of the new exterior wall joints will immediately follow demo of the old joints. Beginning with the south face and rotating clockwise around the building, this work will continue until Oct. 26.

Washing and sealing the existing brick will take place upon completion of the new joints, beginning Oct. 27 and continuing through Nov. 17.

Painting the concrete/stucco will also begin on each face of the building upon completion of the brick wash and seal. Painting is scheduled to begin on the south elevation on Nov. 2 and continue into the week of Nov. 20.

Railings at exterior stairs and ramps will be installed from Nov. 13 to 17. This install will occur concurrently with the interior stairwell handrails.


The final windows at the openings being used for building heat and trash out will be installed on Oct. 24. Air seal, sheet metal flashing, and caulking will continue over the remainder of next week, wrapping up window install by Oct. 27.

Interior Finishes, Level 2Pacific Hall construction

Taping is ongoing over the course of this week and next, with completion scheduled for Oct. 30.

Several rooms upstairs have already been painted. Painting of drywall and ceilings will continue through Nov. 3.

Framing for acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) and cloud ceilings begins on Oct. 20, and will continue through Nov. 8, including patching existing ceilings in the south half of level 2.

The remaining door frames have arrived. Prepping and painting the remaining frames will pick back up on Oct. 25 and continue through Oct. 31 in zone 1, and from Nov. 9 to 13 in zone 2.

  • Marker boards have arrived, and are scheduled to be installed from Oct. 25 to Nov. 7.
  • MEPF systems will be trimmed out from Oct. 30 to Nov. 15.
  • Fire extinguisher cabinets, wall protection, and owner-furnished equipment will be installed from Oct. 31 to Nov. 8.
  • Rough clean for Level 2 spaces is scheduled for Nov. 1 to Nov. 3 in zone 1, and Nov. 8 to Nov. 10 in zone 2.
  • Cabinets will be installed on Nov. 2.
  • Doors and hardware will be installed from Nov. 6 to Nov. 8 in zone 1, and from Nov. 17 to Nov. 21 in zone 2.
  • Flooring will be installed from Nov. 6 to 17.
  • Countertops will be installed on Nov. 17.
  • Concrete floors will be polished in zone 1 on Nov. 17.

Interior Finishes, Level 1

Pacific Hall constructionFire sprinkler rough-in is complete on level 1. Fire sprinkler piping passed inspection on Oct. 18.

Minority AC will return to the site on Oct. 20 to complete the remainder of ceiling abatement required to mount the new fire sprinkler heads.

Mounting fire sprinkler heads began this week in zone 1, and will continue throughout level 1 though Oct. 27.

Replacing and reconnecting light fixtures removed for fire sprinkler work begins on Oct. 23 and will continue through Nov. 10.

Insulation and bulk drywall began on Oct. 16 and will continue through Nov. 2.

Taping will follow drywall, from Oct. 26 to Nov. 13.

Priming and painting drywall will take place from Nov. 6 to 20.

ACT framing in offices and hallways in zone 1 will take place from Nov. 13 to 16.

Doors and hardware in zone 1 will be installed from Nov. 3 to 7.

The scaffolding at the main stair will be removed on Nov. 10.

MEPF systems will be trimmed out in zone 1 from Nov. 13 to 16.

Window shades will be installed on Nov. 13 & 14.

The art gallery floor will be polished from Nov. 15 to 17.

New Restrooms

  • Drywall and tile backer install began on Oct. 18 and will continue through Oct. 24.
  • Taping and painting will begin on Oct. 25 and continue through Nov. 3.
  • Tile will be installed during the week of Nov. 6.
  • Bathroom accessories will be installed from Nov. 13 to 15.
  • Re-polishing of the concrete floors will take place from Nov. 17 to 20.

Existing L1 Restrooms

Demo of existing plaster and wall tile is complete in the men’s restroom. Demo in the women’s restroom and plaster work is on hold pending pricing for plaster repair/re-work. This work is scheduled to occur between Nov. 6-15.

Field measurement and fabrication of new partitions will occur between Oct. 23 and Nov. 17.

New wall tile is scheduled to begin on Nov. 16.

Entry and Lobby

  • Electrical rough-in is complete.
  • Field measurements for the main entry storefront were taken on Oct. 18. Storefront install is scheduled to begin from Oct. 30.
  • ACT ceiling framing is taking place this week, with completion scheduled for Oct. 20. ACT panels will be hung Oct. 23 and 24.
  • Lobby cover inspection is scheduled for Oct. 20.
  • Drywall and taping will take place from Oct. 24 to Nov. 2.
  • Access Control wiring and devices will be installed on Oct. 31.
  • MEPF systems will be trimmed out on Nov. 6 & 7.
  • Sanding and re-finishing the wood plinth under the main stais is scheduled for Nov. 3 to 7.

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