Pacific Hall Update | Week of Aug. 28

The construction team successfully shot six more shear walls the week of Aug. 28. Crews will be trenching along the east of the building to expose and repair the sewer connection at Trombley square. The north fire lane and east walkway are now closed again following student move-in, and will remain so for the duration of construction.

Seismic Upgrade

Pacific Hall ConstructionThe remaining two shear walls on level 2 in zone 1 were completed Aug. 28, and the four level 1 shear walls on level 2 were completed the next day. This placed the team back on schedule for the remaining shotcrete work. The final scheduled pour for the four shear walls on level 2 in zone 2 is schedule for Sept. 6. Please be advised that there will be noise from cement trucks and the concrete pumps running consistent with the other shotcrete pours on this date.

Final rebar placement for the zone 2 shear walls wer scheduled for completion last week as well as the helical anchor installation at the brace walls on level 2.

The team will rotate downstairs to begin framing and installation on level 1. Level 1 framing and anchor install will continue for the next two weeks with completion scheduled on Sept. 13.

Steel reinforcement and brace wall installation at the east and west stairwells is scheduled from Sept. 11 to 26. Successful completion of this work will mark the end of the seismic upgrade to the building.

Site & Exterior Work

Fire sprinkler riser install was completed the week of Aug.28.

Sewer connection repair east of the building adjacent to Trombley Square will take place by Sept. 1. Crews will be working outside and making noise in the landscape area east of the building adjacent to Trombley Square as they trench, demo the existing connection, and install the new sewer connection.

Prepping and pouring of the new topping slab at the main entry vestibule has been pushed out to Sept. 13 through 19, due mostly to a change in the receiving date for the material and to maintain access for other ongoing trades through the main entry. Framing, MEP rough-in and fire sprinkler rough-in at this area will take place during the following week of Sept. 25.

Demolition of the existing stairs and ramps at the main entrance and along the east side of the building to make ready for the new accessible entry ramps is scheduled for Sept. 15. Please be advised that on this date, there will be a significant noise level at the main entry of Pacific Hall from crews saw cutting and using jackhammers to remove the existing concrete.

Preparation to pour the new entry ramps will take place Sept. 18. The new ramps will be poured on Sept. 19.

Railings at the new exterior ramps and stairs will be installed from Sept. 21 to 29.

Spot demolition of the roof system, installation of new mechanical curb, and patch back of the roof system will take place from Sept. 11 to 21. There will be some noise associated with saw cutting the existing roof concrete on Sept. 15.

Pacific Hall ConstructionWindows

The team is wrapping up installation of the non-shear wall windows on level 2 this week with completion by Sept. 5.

Window installation at shear wall locations on level 2 will begin Sept. 7 and continue through end of September.

Preparation for all zone 1 window install will begin on Sept. 29.

Interior Work

MEP, fire sprinkler, and low-voltage rough-in is ongoing on level 2 this week and next for completion by Sept. 8.

Remaining ceiling and soffit framing on level 2 will take place non-continuously from Sept. 11 to 28. Level 2 cover inspections are scheduled for Sept. 18 (zone 1) and Sept. 29 (zone 2).

Insulation and drywall installation in zone 1 on level 2 will take place from Sept. 19 to 22.

MEP, fire sprinkler, and low-voltage rough-in on level 1 began on Aug. 30, and will continue through the first three weeks of September with completion scheduled for Sept. 20.

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Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023