Pacific Hall Update | Week of Aug. 7

The construction team made significant progress during the week of Aug. 7, with the southeast entrance ramp being poured, window install, and framing for exterior brace walls and interior spaces underway. Crews are working diligently in anticipation of students arriving on the Forest Grove Campus for move-in day on Aug. 24.

Seismic Upgrade

The first of four shotcrete dates is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 15. Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity primarily onto a vertical or overhead surface. The impact created by the application consolidates the concrete.

Campus users are advised that there will be a heightened noise level associated with this work, as well as the presence of pump trucks along the fire lane north of the building.

Rebar placement and shotcrete for level 2, zone 1 shear walls will overlap and immediately follow the level 1 work, with rebar placement continuing this week, and shotcrete on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Zone 2 shear wall work will follow the cadence for zone 1 shear wall work in the last two weeks of August, with rebar placement in zone 1 and 2 continuing through Wednesday, Aug. 23 and Monday, Sept. 4, respectively, with shotcrete taking place on Tuesday, Aug. 29 and Wednesday, Sept. 6, respectively.

Brace wall framing began last week in level 2, zone 2. Installation of the helical anchors used to affix the framing to the existing brick walls has begun and will follow the framing work in each zone. Anchor testing is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 15. Completion of the anchoring is scheduled for next week. Once framing and anchoring of the brick bracing is complete, drywall will be constructed on the interior face of the new brace walls.


Demolition of existing HVAC, with exception of insulated pipe to be abated, was scheduled to be completed last week. Minority Abatement was on-site on Aug. 5 to complete selective abatement and demo of remaining ceiling areas for HVAC and shotcrete work, which will be completed either Aug. 13 or Aug. 19, as part of the remainder of ceiling demo and insulation abatement on level 2.

Lat week, the brick flue on level 2 was scheduled for demolition as well as the plaster demo of the windows. 

All demolition activities, pending completion of the abatement, is scheduled for Aug. 16. This will conclude the demo and discovery phase for the project, with the remainder of work being focused on the seismic upgrade, windows, and build-out of new spaces.

Site Work

The new ramp southeast of the main entry was poured and site work to tie-in the new fire sprinkler system to the building began last week. Saw cutting and excavation and tie-in to the water main is scheduled for completion by Wednesday, Aug. 23. Tie-in to the new building system will take place in the final week of August, with completion by Thursday, Aug. 31. During this time, campus users will experience noise and presence of construction equipment and crews along the east walkway between Pacific Hall and Trombley square. This walkway will be re-opened for student move-in Aug. 24 to 27.

Sewer line connection repair will take place in conjunction with fire sprinkler work at the east walkway, which is scheduled between Aug. 16 to 18.

Demolition of the existing main entry stairs will occur from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, in preparation for pouring the new accessible entry ramp.


Window installation at non-shear wall locations continues in level 2, zone 1, while preparations for install are being made in level 2, zone 2. L2, Z2 window install is scheduled from Friday, Aug. 18 to Tuesday, Aug. 29. Level 1 non-shear wall windows and all shear wall windows will begin being installed during the month of September.

The first of two days of window testing is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 17.

Interior Work

Framing of new interior spaces on level 2 is expected to wrap up this week. This is a significant step in the build-out of the new L2 spaces as the new computer labs, classrooms, study pods, conference room, MarCom and Purchasing offices begin to take shape.

Plumbing tie-in and pour back of the floor slab of the new L1 restrooms was completed Aug. 7. Framing and MEP rough-in for the new restrooms will take place during the weeks of Aug. 21 and Aug. 28.

Rough-in of the new fire sprinkler system will continue over the course of the next two to three weeks. Completion is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 29, pending completion of ceiling abatement for the new sprinkler head drops and some assistance from the Pacific Facilities team to move furniture and equipment stored in the spaces for ceiling access. This will be a coordinated effort between Walsh, Patriot Fire, Minority Abatement and Pacific Facilities throughout the remainder of the month of August.

Pre-rock, MEP, and low-Voltage rough-in begins this week, and will continue throughout the month of August through the end of the first week of September.

Cover inspection to begin drywall of new spaces is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 29 and drywall is scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 4.

Upcoming Campus Events & Coordination

  • Thursday, Aug. 24 and Friday, Aug. 25 | Move-In Day. Students return to campus. Athletes begin returning to campus on Wednesday, Aug. 9. The project site will be shut down on Friday, Aug. 25, with no construction activities taking place. There will be a limited construction presence working exclusively inside the building on Thursday, Aug. 24. The footprint of the construction fence will be reduced, and the fire lane and walkway between Pacific Hall and Trombley Square will be re-opened for student move-in on Aug. 24 and 25.
  • Monday, Aug. 28 | First Day of Classes for Fall Semester.

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