Pacific Hall Update | Week of July 24

The construction team hit a milestone last week, as they get set for the first of several concrete pours for the bulk of the seismic upgrade beginning with the grade beams in the art gallery and along the north wall of level 1. Shear wall and brace wall work also contribute to the full seismic upgrade, which will continue through the month of August.

HVAC demo continues with crews excavating and tying in plumbing for the new level 1 restrooms. Prep work for window installation also is underway. 

Seismic Upgrade

Excavation at the level 1 shear wall locations is complete. Rebar placement for the new footings and grade beams in zone 1, level 1 should be completed this week. Rebar placement for the new footings and grade beams in zone 1, level 2 will take place over the course of next week, with completion scheduled for Monday, Aug. 7.

The grade beam and footing pours for level 1, zone 1 took are complete. Grade beam and footing pours in level 1, zone 2 are scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Rebar placement for level 1, zone 1 shear walls will begin the week of July 31 and continue through Aug. 10. Shotcrete work for the level 1, zone 1 shear walls will take place on Aug. 14 and 15. Please be advised that there will be a high noise level associated with this work, as well as the presence of pump trucks on-site.

Work for the level 2, zone 1 shear walls will overlap with and immediately follow the level 1 work with rebar placement running from Friday, Aug. 4, through Friday, Aug. 18. Shotcrete in this area is scheduled for Aug. 21 and  22. If rebar work is completed sooner, the Shotcrete pours may be moved up to Aug. 17 and 18.

Shear wall work for zone 2 will follow the zone 1 work. Rebar work for the level 1 zone 2 walls will take place from Aug. 9, through Aug. 22. Shotcrete work will take place Aug. 28 and 29. Level 2, zone 2 rebar placement will begin Aug. 16, with Shotcrete work tentatively scheduled for Aug. 29 and 30.

Anchor installation and framing of the brace walls at existing brick walls will begin Tuesday, Aug. 1, and proceed over the course of the first three weeks of August. The brace walls are scheduled to be complete by Aug. 21.


American Heating completed the bulk of HVAC demo last week. The remainder of this work is scheduled for Aug. 7 and 8, following some additional abatement work to remove existing ceilings and piping insulation on Aug. 3 and 4.

Window steel demo, demo at the existing restrooms, stairwell handrails, and other miscellaneous demolition on level 1 and level 2 will continue through the first week of August. Roofing demo at the mechanical curb is scheduled for the week of Aug. 7. All remaining demolition activities are scheduled to be complete by Aug. 11. Grinding of the rough openings for the windows will produce significant noise while this work is ongoing.

Site Work

Pouring of the SE ramp at the main entry is scheduled for Aug. 7. The walkway between Pacific Hall and Marsh Hall will be closed down on the day of this pour, but will be re-opened by the end of the day. Please note that this work does not include the main entry ramp, which will be completed at a later date.

Saw cutting and excavation of the sidewalk and landscaped area for fire sprinkler tie-in east of Pacific Hall and adjacent to Trombley Square will take place from Aug. 14 to 17. This work will require the use of saw cutting and excavation equipment and vacuum trucks for removing excavated material. Please be advised this will produce a high noise level outside the building adjacent to Trombley Square. The goal is to complete this work and the SE ramp prior to student move-in on Aug. 24.

The fire sprinkler water main tie-in is scheduled from Aug. 17 to 21.

Level 1 Restrooms

Excavation in the corridor west of the main stair for the new level 1 restrooms was completed on July 21. Underground plumbing rough-in for these restrooms is scheduled for completion on July 28. Pour-back of the floor slab in the corridor will be completed simultaneously with one of the upcoming grade beam pours, likely the level 1 zone 2 pour on Tuesday, Aug. 8. Bathroom wall framing and MEP rough-in will begin during the week of Aug. 14.


Preparation of openings for windows began July 19 and is ongoing. Window installation, beginning with the non-shear wall locations at level 2, zone 1 began July 28. After level 2, zone 1 windows are complete, the team will rotate to zone 2 on level 2 before moving downstairs to install the level 1 windows. Non-shear wall window install will continue over the course of the month of August. Windows adjacent to shear walls will be installed during the month of September.

Window testing is being rescheduled for the week of Monday, Aug. 28.

Interior Work

Interior wall framing on level 2 will begin Aug. 4, and continue hrough Aug. 14. MEP rough-in by American Heating & Merit Electric will begin Aug. 15 and extend through the end of August.

Fire sprinkler rough-in by Patriot Fire will begin Aug. 15 and extend through the end of August.

Upcoming Campus Events & Coordination

  • Saturday, Aug. 12 | August Commencement. The construction fence will remain in its current location and configuration, with the fire lane remaining closed to pedestrians. Campus users and visitors are advised to please adhere to all posted safety notices. No construction activities will take place over commencement weekend.
  • Thursday, Aug. 24 and Friday, Aug. 25 | Students Return to Campus. Athletes begin returning to campus on Tuesday, Aug. 8, with full student move-in scheduled for Aug. 24 to Aug. 27. The site will be shut down on Aug. 24 and 25, with no construction activities taking place. The footprint of the construction fence will be reduced and the fire lane and walkway between Pacific Hall and Trombley Square will be re-opened for student move-in.

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Friday, July 28, 2023