School of Pharmacy Spring 2023 Faculty Spotlight

When the faculty and staff of the School of Pharmacy were creating the structure for the new curriculum, they divided the curriculum into course streams. This grouped similar courses together into a stream and placed one faculty member over each stream as stream coordinator. Since the inception of the new curriculum structure, the faculty assigned as stream coordinators have changed. The current streams and stream coordinators are:

  • Personal & Professional Development (PPD), Professor Kris Marcus
  • Core Pharmaceutical Sciences & Therapeutics (CPST), Dr. Brendan Stamper
  • Social and Administrative Sciences (SAS), Dr. Sarah White
  • Pharmacy Skills & Applications (PSA), Dr. Jessie Merlo
  • Practical Connections (PConn), Dr. Danielle Backus

Stream coordinators are responsible for ensuring continuity within the course stream and alignment of each stream with each other and with the overall goals of the curriculum. They provide oversight on the development of each syllabus and serve as a member of the School’s Curriculum Committee. Each stream has courses that run through at least the first two years of the curriculum, with the PPD and PSA streams continuing through the third year.

--Dr. Anita Cleven

Saturday, June 10, 2023