Shara McCallum Leads MFA Strata Masterclass for Writers of Color

Writers are invited to participate in the Pacific Master of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA) program this spring. The MFA program continues its Strata Masterclass series for writers of color with the theme of "Inheritance" led the weekend of April 21-23 by faculty member Shara McCallum, who is also a recent Hurston/Wright Legacy Award winner. 

Of the programming, McCallum writes, "As writers of color, we carry many forms of inheritance, not all of which coexist easily in us. This is true of our literary influences, those works we’ve studied and imbibed, which alternately may nurture and inspire us, challenge and trouble us. This is true of the personal and public histories we bring to bear on our writing, which often place ethical as much as craft demands upon us. In this weekend gathering, through craft talks, classes, workshops, and discussion, we’ll write into and out of our varied inheritances while querying the concept itself."

We invite interested writers to register for the three-day online class, or inquire with Scott Korb, program director, at with any questions. The cost of the series is $80.



Friday, March 24, 2023