Undergraduate Student Senate Stands in Solidarity with AAPI Community

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We at the Undergraduate Student Senate denounce the wave of anti-Asian hate that has swept the globe, and the anti-Asian hate that has existed long before the media coverage of the March hate crimes. We understand that the hate is rooted within our daily lives, and in order to combat it we not only need to speak out, but make changes that will positively impact our AAPI students.

The Undergraduate Student Senate stands in solidarity with the AAPI community and with all the students at Pacific against these injustices. The USS works to protect students' well-being and rights; every human being has the right to have an equal opportunity to learn and be the best version of themselves.

Education is one of the most powerful tools that human beings have. The knowledge and wisdom that we have learned in the past allows us to become more resilient. Resilience is shaped by learning from mistakes and reflecting on our own actions, and fostering change within ourselves and others. 

We hope that everyone is safe and well. We wish all the best things to you as always and remain resilient! We are here to support our community, feel free to contact any of our team members if you have any questions or need support during this time.

Much love,

President - Doan Pham
VP of Leadership - Anna Kim
VP of Communications - Kailina Lewis
VP of Finance - Kara Nishida
VP of Campus Betterment - Elle Cordima

Wednesday, March 31, 2021