USS Expresses Thanks to Students in 2020-2021 Wrapup Letter

                                    USS 2020-2021


Dear Boxers,

We hope this letter finds you well and safe!

We are so proud of your resilience and perseverance during this unprecedented time. Through hardship, we have learned about compassion and kindness that we all have for one another. We understand that resiliency is a blanket statement and does not cover the breadth of what you have been through this past year. What “Remain Resilient” means is to show our appreciation for our student body who faced numerous hurdles and unexpected changes to their education, social and personal lives in the midst of a global pandemic. We recognize that no one wanted to have to adapt to the adverse “new normal”. We, as fellow students, would like to commend our peers for being incredibly adaptable and hopeful for the future where we will all be able to live safely and healthily. We have accomplished so much despite the challenges of online communication and education. 

We would like to recognize our team’s dedication for this school year's accomplishments:

Summer - Letter to President Hallick about support students for COVID-19
Summer - Black Lives Matter Letter
Sept. 10 - Town Hall with President Hallick
Sept. 16 - Support $500 toward free E-Course, “Race, Power, and Privilege”
Sept. 16 - Meet Campus Public Safety (CPS) Q&A
Sept.17 - First Student Senate meeting
Sept. 18-19 - Leadership Summit (first one online and open to all students)
Sept. 21-24 - Virtual Club Fair via Instagram
Sept. 28 - Creation of the Club Directory
Oct. 8 - Supper and Safe Space
Oct. 10 - Homecoming Alumni Panel
Oct. 20 - Black Lives Matters Town Hall with President Hallick
Nov. 3 - Election Watch Parties 
Nov. 6 - ArtJamz Collaboration with Karen Ara from the Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement (MCCE)
Nov. 12 - Approved $500 for the Boxer Food Share
Feb. 4 - Boxercord officially launched
Feb. 4 - Powerlifting Club New Club approval
Feb. 11 - Invited President Hallick, Sarah Phillips, Dean of Sciences and Arts, and president cabinet members: discussion about commencement and COVID-19 plans for spring.
Feb. 17 - Joined Staff Senate meeting
Feb. 18 - Approved $1,000 for the Boxer Food Share
Feb. 18 - Approved $15,000 to the Student Emergency Fund
Feb. 25 - Approved BEST Program (mentorship) as a line item
March 5 - Spring Club Fair on Remo
March 8 - International Women’s Day Flower Kits
March 11 - Approved additional funding for the Center for Gender Equity’s Pie & Cry event
March 14 - Meet the Candidates event (Undergraduate Student Senate Elections)
Mid-March - Assisted with Spring Break events
April 1 - Approved Association of Latinx and Ally Students representative on the Student Senate from the University Council
April 1 - Invited Board of Trustee Members to a USS meeting
April 14 - Food Forum with Housing and Bon Appetit
April 22 - President Hallick introduced Ann- Barr Gillespie as a provost, and the visit of Sarah Phillips, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Narce Rodriguez, Vice President of Student Affairs, Chief equity, diversity, and inclusion officer at the USS meeting: discussion about COVID-19 vaccine and plans for next fall.
May 3 -  Work with Greek Life and Nā Haumāna O Hawaiʻi (NHOH) to restructure yearly dues
May 3 -  Future Homecoming joint financial support for classes of 2020 & 2021
May 3 - Last Executive Board meeting
May 3 - Approved and allocated additional funding toward the RISE mentor program of the Student Multicultural Center
May 8 - ALAS representative is approved on the University Council

Executive Board Funding Approvals

Oct. 28 - Finance Committee approved additional funding towards Karsen Buck and Seema Khatcherian’s mural project in Glen Park
Nov. 12 - Finance Committee approved additional funding for French Club
Feb. 1 - Approved additional funding for Lunar New Year
Feb. 1 - Approved additional funding for NHOH to make up the previous spending 
March 1 - Approved additional funding for Vietnamese Student Association
March 1 - Approved additional funding for Music Therapy Club
April 22 - Approved additional funding for German Club
April 22 - Approved additional funding for Social Work Club

Furthermore, we would like to recognize and celebrate the following clubs for their significant contributions to the students and the Undergraduate Student Senate this year: 

Most Collaborative Club → Association of Latinx and Ally Students (ALAS) 
Best New Club → Powerlifting Club 
Club with Best Membership Engagement → Japan Club 
Remain Resilient → Asian Pacific American Student Union (APASU)

Boxercord, our Discord server for students, was launched towards the beginning of the spring semester and we plan on continuing this platform moving forward, but in a much simpler, practical and user-friendly way. Stay tuned for revamp of the server!

We are also able to support our students with the donation of $15,000 to the Students Emergency Fund (application here) as well as the Boxer Food Share that will be available to all Pacific students (Scott 216).

We appreciate the thoughtful consideration and support of NHOH and Greek Life for all Pacific students. By restructuring the annual student club dues, students will now only be charged for the university activity fee which is in line with all USS recognized clubs and organizations. We hope this opportunity will expand the accessibility of our programs and continue to encourage a profound collaboration among students, clubs, and organizations.

We are proud to have served as your 2020-2021 Undergraduate Student Senate Board. We wish you good luck with your future endeavors and hope you have a fun, safe summer!

Best wishes,

The Undergraduate Student Senate 2020- 2021,

Doan Pham '21, President 
Kailina Lewis '22, Vice President of Communications 
Anna Kim '23, Vice President of Leadership
Kara Nishida '23, Vice President of Finance 
Elle Cordima '22, Vice President of Campus Betterment 
Libby Harper '23, Administrative Assistant

Steve Klein, Advisor

Fernando Lira '21, Collective Student Coordinator, Student Multicultural Center

Anjolina Horzynek '22, Vice President, Association of Latinx and Ally Students

Ezra Pira '23, Senator, Center for a Sustainable Society

Brilie Kovaloff '23, Nā Haumāna O Hawai’i (NHOH) Student Representative
Haia Ku '23, Nā Haumāna O Hawai’i (NHOH) Student Representative

Emily Black '23, President, Residence Hall Association 

Chris Walker '21, President, Connections Club 

Kali Barber '21, President, Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Olivia Chau '21, President, Pacific University Greek Senate

Julian Bunch '21, Chair, Activities, Culture, and Engagement (ACE) Board

Cleo Whelan '23, Senator, Center for Gender Equity

Chika Matsumoto '21, Undergraduate Student Representative on Board of Trustees

Tuesday, May 11, 2021