Wendy Fargo '22 Receives American Association of University Women Award

Wendy FargoWendy Fargo '22 was named a winner of the American Association of University Women award for non-traditional students at the 2022 Pacific University Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. The award includes a $2,500 tuition scholarship.

Fargo is "a natural leader for the staff at the CGE," said Center for Gender Equity Director V Martin. "She takes on new or changing roles in several capacities with ease and is organized and always a step ahead in terms of programming planning and implementation. She always goes above and beyond any reasonable expectation, is impeccable in delivering the things she promises, and has become invaluable to the success of this resource center."

Martin noted that Fargo has overcome many barriers in becoming a college student, and demonstrates a strong work ethic, a commitment to social justice, and caring disposition. 

Taiba Qaaderi '22 also won the American Association of University Women award.

Monday, May 23, 2022