Where is Boxer Now?

Early photo of the Boxer StatueBoxer, a bronze Chinese statue of a dragon-like creature, ruled campus for decades before disappearing.

During his reign, Boxer was passed among students as the ultimate prize for rival students, classes, fraternities, and clubs and it was not uncommon for Boxer to disappear on occasion as his captors reveled in their success. He always came back, with one exception. After a "Boxer toss" in 1969, Boxer never returned to campus. 

Some say the beloved mascot was thrown off the Golden Gate Bridge, others say he is safe in the attic of an alumnus.

But while the rumors continue to fly, pieces of Boxer have returned home. The university is now in possession of an ear, hoof and tail. The largest piece, the tail, was returned by an alumnus in 2012.

The university continues to hope the historic college icon will be recovered and returned to Pacific University. 

Boxer's whereabouts continue to remain Pacific's great mystery. Do you know where he is?



Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017