Insurance Waiver

Medical Insurance 2024 – 2025

If you already have medical insurance with comparable coverage, you have the option to fill out the insurance waiver form by the specified deadline. Click here to complete the insurance waiver. 

Insurance waivers must be completed by the specified deadlines based on your program below:

Deadline Date for Insurance Waiver Specified Program
4/15/2024 to 5/13/2024
  • Physician Assistant 1st year, 2nd year, and Graduating
  • Education (May Start)
4/17/2024 to 6/13/2024
  • Athletics Training
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Education (June Start)
7/15/2024 to 8/13/2024
  • All programs starting in Fall 2024
12/15/2024 to 1/13/2024
  • All programs starting in Spring 2025
  • Physician Assistant (Spring Start)
  • Master of Fine Arts (Spring Start)

Note: A waiver must be filled out each school year. Premiums will not be refunded for waivers submitted more than 30 days past the deadline date.


If you’d like to stay enrolled to the University’s health insurance, click here to download your insurance ID card.

2024–2025 Insurance Plan Documents and Benefits can be found here.


For questions about the health insurance waiver, you may contact Aetna at (888)834-4704.

For information regarding health insurance at Student Health Center at Pacific University, please visit their website.  


Information regarding the Medical Insurance fee can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.