Non-University (Outside) Catering

Food plays an important role in many events that take place on the campuses of Pacific University. Please read the following information to determine how to obtain food and beverages for the specific event that you are planning.

The University is proud to offer Bon Appetit Management Company as the University's independent food service contractor. Bon Appetit staff will work directly with your group to craft a menu to best suit your needs. Occasionally, events involve special food requirements that cannot be prepared by Bon Appetit. In the event that you have met with Bon Appetit, and they were unable to accommodate your needs, the University asks that you complete a Food Safety and Compliance Strategy form. Completing this form will help the University ensure that proper measures are taken to foster proper food safety.

Please be sure to reserve your space through the university room scheduling program (EMS) and including any tables or extra garbage cans, needed for the caterer. University personnel will be responsible for making sure all bills from the caterer are paid. Non-university caterers are responsible for set-up, take-down, and clean-up. Bon Appetit kitchen and supplies are not available to non-university caterers. 

Note: If food is being prepared by someone other than a licensed catering professional, at least one group organizer supervising the event is required to have a current Food Handler's Card. This card can be obtained online.