Non-University (Outside) Catering

Bon Appetit is the preferred provider for food and beverages for the Forest Grove and Hillsboro Pacific University campus community. However, university faculty, staff, students and their guests may use pre-approved non-university caterers providing specific guidelines are followed.

Approved non-university caterers have the ability to cater food and non-alcoholic beverages on the Forest Grove campus and to cater food, beverages and alcoholic beverages on the Hillsboro campus.  Bon Appetit holds the alcohol service license for the Forest Grove campus.

University staff, faculty and students are responsible for using only the approved caterers, making sure reservations for space has been made through the university room scheduling program (EMS) including any tables or extra garbage cans, needed for the caterer.   University personnel will be responsible for making sure all bills from the caterer are paid. Non-university caterers are responsible for set-up, take-down and clean-up. Bon Appetit kitchen and supplies are not available to non-university caterers. 

Please read the Outside Catering Guidelines (pdf) before arranging for non-university catering.

Catering is defined as:

  • Non-university caterers/restaurants/food vendors who provide food on property owned or leased by the University.
  • Coming on to University property to prepare, deliver, transport, set out and/or serve food for meetings, conferences, or special occasions.
  • Licensed, insured, and approved caterers providing food and beverage service on campus.

Approved Non-University Catering Options

Qdoba Mexican Grill

2288 NW Allie Blvd.

Hillsboro, OR 97124

Contact:  Lola Fernandez


Reedville Cafe

2975 SW Cornelius Pass Road, Suite D

Hillsboro, OR 97123

Contact:  Amy Feehan


Claey's Catering

PO Box 1940

North Plains, OR 97133

Contact: Nathan Claey


Signature Affair

PO Box 828

Hillsboro, OR 97123

Contact:  Mimi Moy Bass



2833 SE 15th Avenue

Portland, OR 97202

Contact:  Maria



1910 Main Street, Suite A

Forest Grove, OR 97116


Miget's Island Grill

1914 21st Avenue

Forest Grove, OR 97116



Non-Catered Food Policy:

The University and Bon Appetit will waive the requirement to use Bon Appetit or another approved caterer for food when all of the following requirements are met:

 University units must make a record with CESS of their intent to exercise this policy at least seven (7) working days prior to their event.

  • The person(s) purchasing, setting, and cleaning after the food has a current Oregon Food Handler Card on file with the CESS office and follows all food safety requirements.

  • The expected attendance for the event is 45 people or less. An exception is provided en masse for tabling and fairs where single-serve, individually-packaged, non-refrigerated foods are singly offered to table visitors as a courtesy, e.g., mints, candies, etc.

  • The event does not occur in the University Center. An exception is provided en masse for tabling and fairs where single-serve, individually-packaged, non-refrigerated foods are singly offered to table visitors as a courtesy, e.g., mints, candies, etc.

  • The event is not open to the general public.

  • The food is not intended in quantity or setting as a meal replacement.

  • No food is offered for sale or as a part of an admission fee. No consideration is expressed or implied for event participants to partake in the food.

  • No food is prepared at home.

  • All purchases are approved and paid for according to the University’s purchasing processes.

  • All food is purchased from establishments licensed for retail or restaurant sale with physical locations that are open to the public at regularly scheduled hours. NO food shall be purchased from establishments operating without a license, or under any other licenses, such as a home baker’s license, domestic kitchen license, mobile food unit (food carts), or temporary restaurant. For more information on these types of licenses that are not valid to purchase food under this policy, refer to the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Washington County Health Department.

  • All food is stored at proper temperatures as provided under Oregon Food Handler’s guidelines.

  • Any original packaging is available to participants for inspection for nutritional information, ingredients, or possible allergens.

  • The food provided is from no more than four of the following categories of approved items:

    • Pre-packaged, non-refrigerated snack foods, e.g., tortilla chips, potato chips, crackers, popcorn, pretzels, granola bars, cereals.

    • Baked goods: Cookies, donuts, sweet bread, bagels, cakes, pies, baked and packaged by the established bakery. Any preparation shall be limited to slicing as served.

    • Fresh produce: Only items that may be prepared by the individual consuming them, either by peeling or simple rinsing, such as bananas, oranges, apples, pears, grapes, or berries. Items requiring rinsing; such as grapes or berries should only be served in University meeting rooms with a wet bar or kitchenette. Any other items requiring cutting, slicing, peeling or preparation must be performed by the retail operation to render it ready-to-eat. Examples include carrots, celery, or cauliflower in ready-to-eat bags or veggie trays, or melons or pineapple sliced on ready-to-eat fruit trays.

    • Condiments dips, or spreads: Packaged dips and spreads for any of the above, e.g., salsas, ranch dips, hummus, fruit dips, cream cheese, butter, mustards, jams or jellies, etc.

    • Refrigerated meat or dairy: Sliced cheeses, yogurts, sliced sausages or meats, all ready-to-eat.

    • Carry-out or delivered food that does not require group serving utensils or specialized storage, e.g., pizza, tea or finger sandwich trays, fried foods.

    • Non-alcoholic beverages. NO unpasturzied fresh milks or juices. The prohibition against home prepared food still applies.

Home Prepared Food:

  • Home prepared food can create food safety, liability, and health related challenges and is not permitted.