Faculty Experts

Pacific University's outstanding faculty includes many professors who are experts in their respective fields.

Below are topics our faculty can provide expert analysis on:

Abnormal Psychology

American Literature

Animal Ethics

Applications of Eastern Philosophies to Psychotherapy

Applied Ethics

Applied Theatre


Binocular Vision

Bioethics & the Law

Brazilian politics

Buddhism and Psychology


Canada/US Trade Relations

Caribbean Music

Caribbean Popular Culture


Civil Liberties

Chemical Thermodynamics

Classroom Communities

Comic Books

Compiler Development


Computer Architecture

Computer Graphics

Computer Language Processing

Computers & Technology in Mathematics

Conducting Music

Congressional Politics

Constitutional Law

Creative Non-fiction



DNA testing

Dramatic Theory & Criticism

Drugs & Mental Illness

Edward Abbey

Embedding Systems

Economic Development

Electronic Display of Arabic Characters

Eliot Smith

Environmental Economics

Environmental Ethics

Environmental Law

Ernest Hemingway

Ethnic Literature

Expository Writing

Forest Policy


Glass Works

Greek Drama

International Economics

International Trade

James Agee

Java for Mobile Devices

Jewelry Making

K-12 Standards for Math Education

Kernel Development

Kinetics of Reactions at Solid Surfaces

Latin American Literature

Latin American Poetry


Math Teacher Professional Development

Media in Politics

Medieval Drama

Mental Illness

Middle East

Modern Drama

Molecular Genetics/Evolution

Multicultural Education

Music Theory


Oregon State and Local Politics

Oscar Wilde

Personality Psychology

Presidential Politics

Psychology of  “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

Richard Brautigan

Renaissance Drama

Restoration & 18th Century Drama

Roman Drama


Social Movements

Spanish Language

Spanish Poetry

Stage Production

Suppression of Dissent


Theatre History

Theatre in Vietnam

Theoretical Ethics

U.S. Foreign Policy

U.S./South America Relations

Value of Liberal Arts Education (Brian O'Driscoll 503-352-2917)

Vision Perception

Wax Productions

Wind Ensemble Literature & Conducting

Women's Literature

World Literature

Should you need further assistance in reaching an expert or have a topic not listed you need an expert for, please contact Joe Lang at jlang@pacificu.edu or 503-352-2902.