The Artist as Social Sculptor

Art has the potential to transform society and bring about revolutionary change. In the art form called “Social Sculpture,” society is regarded as one great work of art to which each person can contribute creatively. Social sculpture is an activity that strives to structure, shape, and heal society or the environment. In this focal study, students will become social sculptors by working to create new structures in society using language, thought, action and object. It is suggested that students take the civic engagement section of this focal study last.

Instructions for Focal Study 4

Complete at least three courses, one per cluster, and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete one course from each cluster.

First Cluster: Arts Foundations (complete 1 course)
ARTST 121 Studio I (any topic) 2-4 credits
ARTST 206 Design for Aesthetics 4 credits
ARTST 208 Design for Function 4 credits
ARTST 221 Studio II (any topic) 2-4 credits
ARTST 228 Photography I 2 credits
APTH 212 Theatre for Gender Equity 2 credits
APTH 272 Performance as Witness 2 credits
MEDA 153/353 Video for Community Engagement 4 credits
PHIL 304 Philosophy of Art 4 credits
Second Cluster: Social Sciences Foundations (complete 1 course)
ANTH 101 Introduction to Anthropology 4 credits
ANTH 302 Designing Ethnography (Fall 2018) 4 credits
PH 101 Public Health 4 credits
POLS 140 Introduction to US Politics 4 credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (no longer offered) 4 credits
SOC 102 Social Problems (no longer offered) 4 credits
SOC 110 Understanding the Apocalypse 4 credits
SOC 120 Image, Society, and Identity 4 credits
SOC 130 Stump the Sociologist 4 credits
Third Cluster: Civic Engagement Experience (complete 1 course)
ARTST 122 Studio I CE 2-4 credits
ARTST 207 Design for Sustainability 4 credits
ARTST 222 Studio II CE 2-4 credits
ARTST 307 Leadership Through Design 4 credits
ARTST 372 Interdisciplinary Design Seminar Non-Majors 2 credits
DS 204 Working with People with Disability 4 credits
POLS 302 Parties and Elections 4 credits
POLS 304 Community Politics 4 credits
POLS 321 Protest, Dissent, and Social Change 4 credits
CIV 105 Introduction to Civic Engagement 2 credits
PSY 310 Community Psychology 4 credits