Media Activism

This focal study aims to encourage students to think about social issues and engage with the community through creative projects. Students will have a theoretical background on contemporary social and political issues and will be empowered to do creative work that will explore social activism.

Instructions for Focal Study 27

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete one course from the first cluster and two courses from the second cluster.

First Cluster (complete 1 course)
APTH/GSS 212 Theatre for Gender Equity 2 credits
APTH/ENV 385 Eco-Theatre: Community & Performance 4 credits
ARTST 122 Studio I CE (any topic) 2-4 credits
ARTST 207 Design for Sustainability 2-4 credits
ARTST 222 Studio II CE (any topic) 2-4 credits
ARTST 228 Photography I 2 credits
ARTST 307 Leadership Through Design 4 credits
ARTST 372 Interdisciplinary Design Seminar, non-majors 2 credits
ENGW 206 Writing Poetry 4 credits
ENGW 209 Creative Nonfiction 4 credits
MEDA 153/353 Video Community Engagement 4 credits
MEDA 302 Documentary Studies and Practice 4 credits
SOCWK 301 Macro Social Work Practice 4 credits
Second Cluster (complete 2 courses)
ANTH 202 Film, Text, and Culture 4 credits
ENGL 220 Literature and Human Concerns 2-4 credits
GSS 201 Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies 4 credits
PHIL 202 Ethics and Society 4 credits
POLS 321 Protest, Dissent and Social Change 4 credits
PSY 314 Memory and Mind 4 credits
SOC 102   OR SOC 110   OR SOC 120   OR SOC 130 Social Problems  (no longer offered)   OR Understanding the Apocalypse   OR Image, Society, and Identity   OR
Stump the Sociologist
4 credits
SOC 202 Public Sociology 4 credits
SOC 203 Social Change 4 credits


The following special topics courses may count towards the first cluster of Focal Study 27 when the topic/title is as below.  Request approval from the Focal Studies Advisor.

ARTST 121 Eco-Art 4 credits
ARTST 221 Eco-Art 4 credits