Technology and Popular Culture

Technology is becoming more and more important and prevalent in all aspects of our culture. Computer activism, hactivism, is impacting our social, economic, and political structures at an increasing rate. Even as students become voracious consumers of technology, they have only a passing notion of how computers actually work, what is possible, and what is still beyond technical limits.

In this focal study, students gain a foundational knowledge in how computers work by taking courses from the first category. Courses from the second category allow students to apply technology to real world problems. Courses from the third category demonstrate technology in a larger context by examining specific examples of how technology is impacting our everyday lives.

Instructions for Focal Study 14

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits in this focal study. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete one course from each cluster.

First Cluster (complete 1 course)
CS 150 Introduction to Computer Science 4 credits
CS 121 Our Digital World 2 credits
CS 130 Introduction to Software Tools 2 credits
CS 205 Introduction to Programming for Multimedia 4 credits
Second Cluster (complete 1 course)
MEDA 122 Introduction to Digital Media 2 credits
MEDA 112 Media in Society 4 credits
ARTST 119  Intro to Digital Imaging 2 credits
ARTST 208 Design for Function 4 credits
ARTST 217 Digital Art I 4 credits
ARTST 218 Digital Illustration I 4 credits
ENV 270 Geospatial Analysis using GIS 4 credits
MATH 301 Mathematical Modeling 4 credits
Third Cluster (complete 1 course)
POLS 301 Politics and the Media  4 credits
PHIL 202 Ethics and Society  4 credits
POLS 226  The Politics of Surveillance (offered every 3 years)  4 credits
ANTH/SOC 317 Sociology of Popular Culture  4 credits