New Student Advising & Registration Days

New freshmen and transfer students will get one-on-one advising and registration assistance as they begin their journey at Pacific University. Summer Advising and Registration Days are events for admitted freshmen to speak with academic advisors and register for Fall classes. Admitted transfer students will advise with us individually in June (via Zoom or phone) prior to registration. 

Freshmen Summer Advising Events

one-on-one advising session

New freshmen students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor and register for classes. Students will be required to complete the following to-do list before they are eligible to sign up for an Advising & Registration Event. We will email you your to-do list which includes:

  1. Completing your Academic Interest Survey
  2. Submitting the Housing Application
  3. Sending all high school and college transcripts, including AP/IB test scores
  4. For those who have previously studied a foreign language, completing placement testing
  5. Completing Summer Reading for FYS and completing the assignment from the FYS letter

For more details, please see the Admitted Students page

Keep an eye on your Pacific University email! All advising and registration slots are filled on a first come first served basis. The quicker you complete the steps, the quicker you may sign up for Advising and Registration. After signing up, you will receive details on your advising and registration day via email. 

Distance Advising for Freshmen - Live Webinar Information

Academic & Career Advising offers a live online webinar. An advisor will guide you through general information that will help you to register for classes. You will speak one-on-one with an advisor where you can discuss your major, graduate school, and career goals to help you make an informed decision on your first semester classes.

Academic & Career Advising will email you about one week prior to your webinar date which will include the link to access and participate in the session.

Please take a look at the following in advance of your session:

Summer Advisors

All incoming freshmen meet one-on-one with an advisor during summer advising events and register for Fall classes. Students will be paired with an advisor in their intended area of study. Summer advisors have areas of expertise and can generally advise on all majors.

Paige Baugher

  • Biology/Pre-Med and other Natural Sciences

Dawn Bregel

  • Chemistry and Other Natural Sciences 

James Butler

  • Physics and Engineering

Jeannine Chan

  • Chemistry and Other Natural Sciences

Rebecca Concepcion

  • Exercise Science & Other Natural Sciences

Rose Dahl

  • All Majors

Andy Dawes

  • Physics

Katie Dolphin

  • Exercise Science 

Daniel Eisen

  • Sociology and Other Social Sciences

Mike Geraci

  • Media Arts and Other Humanities

Deke Gundersen

  • Environmental Science

Chris Guenther

  • Math, Computer Science, & Data Science

Jennifer Hardacker

  • Media Arts and Other Humanities

Raphael "Joe" Hamilton

  • Business Administration

Ramona Ilea

  • Philosophy and Other Majors

Brent Johnson

  • Creative Writing, English Literature, and other Humanities

Michelle Larkins

  • Environmental Science

Yasutaka Maruki

  • World Languages

Danielle McDermott

  • Physics and other Sciences

Hyun Jeong Min

  • Business Administration 

Terry O'Day

  • Arts

Ian O'Loughlin

  • Philosophy and Other Majors

Zhuoming Peng

  • Business Administration

Jann Purdy

  • World Language and International Studies

Krishnan Ramaya

  • Business

Jon Schnorr

  • Biology

Brian Searcy

  • Exercise Science

Mike Shingle

  • All Majors

Brittney Stephenson

  • Business Administration

Tim Thompson

  • English and Humanities

Scott Tuomi

  • Music and Music Therapy

Melissa Vieira

  • All Majors

Jaye Cee Whitehead

  • Sociology and Other Social Sciences

Chadd Williams

  • Computer Science and Mathematics

Heidi Wright

  • All Majors