CLIC Language Ambassador Program

The Center for Languages and International Collaboration launched the Language Ambassador Program in September 2014, to promote the values of global citizenship and prepare students for lives as culturally sensitive citizens.

Program Overview

The primary purpose of the CLIC Language Ambassador program is for students to develop, integrate, and promote the values of global citizenship and to prepare for lives as culturally sensitive citizens in their profession and community, whether in their home country or abroad. U.S. ambassadors represent the President of the United States in an official capacity in foreign nations and communities, and are charged with protecting and promoting national interests, maintaining diplomacy, organizing visits, welcoming visitors, and supporting resolutions. In a similar way, CLIC Language Ambassadors represent and promote the values of global citizenship. The ability to communicate with respect and cultural understanding in more than one language is an essential element of global citizenship.  The need to communicate with someone of a different language or culture may arise at any time; knowing more than one language prepares one to know how, when, and why to say what to whom.

The Language Ambassador program creates an opportunity for students to develop and model the values of global citizenship:

  • Second Language Proficiency
  • International and Diverse Perspectives
  • Intercultural Communication and Cross-Cultural Adjustment
  • Social Justice and Sustainable Development

Through engagement in the community, work in the CLIC, dialogue in staff meetings, and expression of ideas through writing, participants learn what it means to be a global citizen in their work place and communities.

Language Ambassadors are hired through the CLIC student worker program as Program Assistant I, II, or III depending on experience. 

Position Description

Language Ambassadors staff and support the CLIC facility, work on CLIC programs, develop their own interests in language, culture and global citizenship, and support each other’s efforts as a team. Each Language Ambassador works at three levels within the CLIC: Passion, Skill, and Responsibility.


Language ambassadors can identify the issues that most energize them. Examples include:

  • Second language learning
  • Educational/learning technologies
  • Making connections through social media
  • Building relationships with international visitors and native speakers
  • Global health and well-being
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Intercultural communication
  • Diverse and international perspectives on current issues

Language Ambassadors connect their academic and personal passions to existing CLIC programs (such as language courses, cultural nights, Language in Motion, international film series, World Languages Day and Talent Award, etc), create logical partnerships with existing campus groups, and develop new initiatives to involve others in the issues they care about. 


Language Ambassadors contribute existing skills and work to develop new skill sets, such as:

  • Promotion, marketing, and outreach
  • Computer lab management
  • Event planning
  • Research and reporting
  • Public speaking and podcasting
  • Program coordination
  • Time management
  • Digital storytelling
  • Written and oral communication
  • Conflict resolution

These skills are applied to their own passions and shared with others in the team to support CCE efforts as a whole.


Language Ambassadors take responsibility to complete tasks that must be done in order to advance the work of the team, such as:

  • Writing news articles and feature stories for CLIC website
  • Maintaining social media presence to promote CLIC programs
  • Assisting students and faculty using the CLIC
  • Staffing and supporting other routine operations of the CLIC
  • Creating outreach materials for CLIC-related events

Responsibilities are task areas expected of all CLIC staff to support each other’s work and the general operations of our program.

Students interested in becoming Language Ambassadors may contact Erica Andree at The Language Ambassador program is currently full, but additional positions may be available during the Spring semester.

Current Ambassadors

Photo of Maddie MoradiMadeline Moradi

Madeline (Maddie) Moradi is a sophomore at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Double majoring in biology and dual languages (Japanese and German), she loves combining her interests in STEM, linguistics, and leadership. This summer she researched chemotherapy drugs at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and will study in Heidelberg, Germany, in 2023. She hopes to continue her studies there in a cancer laboratory while also advancing her German skills. This is Maddie’s second year as a CLIC Ambassador, and she looks forward to continuing her prior role as the cultural liaison between the CLIC and all of Pacific’s cultural clubs! Maddie is pursuing a STEM career that will take full advantage of and build on her communication skills and proficiencies in English, German, Japanese, and French.


Photo of Kristine DillonKristine Dillon

Kristine Dillon is a sophomore at Pacific University. She is planning on double majoring in Politics and Government, and International Studies, with a minor in Social Equity and Social Change. Her eventual goal is to be able to pursue a career in Foreign Diplomacy; preferably with a non-profit focused on Climate Change or Human Rights, or for the State Department with U.S Ambassadors. 

By being a CLIC Language Ambassador, Kristine appreciates being able to represent and help foster global citizenship and its values in and around Pacific University. She has taken many classes at Pacific that focus around intercultural communication and understanding, and have gained skills in becoming more informed and sensitive to cultural differences. She wants to work to foster more peaceful interactions both nationally and abroad. 

Photo of Julie DuvdevanyJulie Duvdevany

Julie is a freshman at Pacific University majoring in psychology and double minoring in music and communication sciences/disorders. She enjoys learning languages, and plans to study abroad during her time at Pacific. Her primary role as a CLIC ambassador is managing social media, aiming to promote diversity at Pacific through the CLIC’s platforms.



Photo of Kayla NaitoKayla Naito

Kayla Naito is a writer for CLIC. This is her first year at the school and the CLIC. She loves mythology and stories from around the world. If you have a myth or a folk tale to tell you will have her complete undivided attention. She has semi fluency in Spanish and Japanese. She is trying to slow down and learn those two languages before jumping to a third.



Photo of AaJanae HenryAaJanae Henry

AaJanae Henry is a first-year freshman who wants to major in computer science and minor in international studies. She loves to do chemistry even though it gives her a headache every time she does it. During her gap year before college, she spent her time working at a hospital as a Lab assistant/ phlebotomist. She enjoys traveling to new places to meditate and find new restaurants and used to enjoy shopping before she became a broke college student. With an interest in studying languages, tattoo artwork, and diversity in different countries and cultures, she hopes to use the CLIC as a stepping stone for her future in international studies.


Photo of Brianna HeydlauffBrianna Heydlauff

Brianna Heydlauff is a junior at Pacific University majoring in International Studies. She loves studying languages, learning new technology, and contemplating life’s mysteries. She speaks Spanish and is planning to study abroad in Spain. She is also trying to learn German and French. As a CLIC ambassador she hopes to help foster communication and compassion between people, as well as improve her own cultural understanding. In her free time she enjoys playing video games, singing, and doing jigsaw puzzles.