OAA Services Rights and Responsibility

OAA Services Rights


  • Receive the appropriate documentation from the student prior to the services being initiated.


  • Expect students and faculty to work cooperatively with OAA Services to facilitate academic accommodations.
  • Deny unreasonable academic accommodations, adjustments, and/or auxiliary services. Accommodations can not impose undue hardship to, or fundamentally alter, a program or activity of the college.
  • Deny academic accommodations/services if appropriate documentation has not been provided.

OAA Services Responsibilities


  • Collect, evaluate, securely store disability documentation and determine eligibility for services.


  • Treat and protect all disability-related information as confidential medical information.
  • Meet with the student privately in an accessible location to discuss disability-related needs.


  • Administer exams as directed by course faculty in a secure and monitored environment.
  • Provide approved accommodations in collaboration with the instructor and student.
  • Provide print materials in accessible format within a reasonable amount of time once the faculty member, or student, identify the materials required.


  • Communicate procedures clearly to the student and the faculty.


  • Assist students with disabilities in understanding their strengths and functional limitations. Provide them with the skills to become self-advocates.

To better understand Rights and Responsibilities read our definition of terms to learn the meanings of some words commonly used by OAA Services.

This document is cited from The Ohio State University Partnership Grant, Improving the Quality of Education for Students with Disabilities