Faculty Information for Working with Students with Disabilities


Working with Students with Testing Accommodations

In preparation for online, timed, exams or quizzes for which OAA registered students with testing accommodations wish to use their extended test time, we will be asking those students to email their course Professor and provide the following:

  • Course number and section number (ie. BIOL-456-01)
  • Exam date
  • Scheduled exam/quiz time
  • Time and a half, or Double time accommodation
  • If they need an early start, or alternative test time, so their exam/quiz  does not overlap another course or exam.

Please ensure that the exam time limit set in Moodle for that student includes their extended testing time. Here is some guidance on How to set exam time limits for a specific student  in Moodle.

Example of how the student email might read:

“Hi Professor G, I would like to use my exam accommodations for the test next week: BIOL-456-01 on 4/10; 9:15am-10:20am. I have time and a half accommodation, and will need to start at 8:40am because I have another class meeting at 10:30am.”

Important: We will be instructing students that if their accommodations include an Exam Reader, Scribe or other testing accommodations other than extended time, they must copy oaa@pacificu.edu on their email to their professor. In order to provide those accommodations, OAA Services will request a copy of the exam from you, and connect with the student during their scheduled exam time via Zoom to provide these Reader, Scribe, other services.

General Guidelines for Working with Students with Disabilities

If you suspect a student has a disability or requires more assistance than you can provide, please refer the student to our office so that we can meet with the student and provide the information, resources and services that will promote their success at Pacific. You can not ask a student if they have a disability, but you can inform them of OAA as one of the resources available to Pacific University students.

Please follow the procedure below when working with a student with a disability:

  1. If a student approaches you and states that she/he has a disability, but is not yet registered with OAA Services, please ask that they call or email OAA as soon as possible. We would also appreciate you notifying us that you have referred a student.
  2. Once the student contacts us we will meet with him/her and review their eligibility for services. Documentation of their disability must be provided for our files.
  3. At the student's request a notice of the student's academic accommodations will be shared via BOX with all faculty in whose classes the student is enrolled. 
  4. Any services and accommodations that will be provided in a particular course will be outlined and agreed upon by the student, OAA Services and the faculty member. If a student requests services that have not been outlined, please contact oaa@pacificu.edu to clarify.
  5. Services can be improved and adapted at any time to best fit the classroom environment.