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The College of Education (COE) is comprised of two schools:  The School of Learning and Teaching (SLT), and The School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD). The Education and Learning major is a joint offering of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education. It is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the psychological, developmental, and curricular foundations of education. This major builds a strong foundation for careers working with children and in various educational programs, including classroom teaching. This major builds a strong foundation for careers working with children in various educational programs, including classroom teaching. Because Education and Learning is foundational to everything we do, it also prepares students for a variety of other careers such as Speech Language Pathology, School Counseling, School Psychology, Social Work, Recreational Education, Curriculum Writing, Patient Education, etc.

The Bachelor of Arts in Education and Learning major can culminate in either a capstone project that allows students to research and explore their personal interests in education, or a Preliminary Teaching License for the state of Oregon. Licensure can be pursued in Multiple Subjects (Early Childhood/Elementary Teaching), Special Education (K-12), or one of several Single Subject (Middle/High School Teaching) endorsement areas.  Students may also elect to continue their studies in graduate school and obtain their Preliminary Teaching License as part of our Master of Arts in Teaching program at Pacific. 

Declaring the Education and Learning Major

The Education and Learning Major may be declared by filling out the appropriate form with the registrar’s office. Students interested in the major should make an appointment to discuss their program with an advisor within the College of Education. To arrange for an advisor in education, contact Dr. Cristy Sellers Smith, the Undergraduate Education Coordinator on the Forest Grove campus.  Properly selected courses that meet the University Core requirements taken during the first and second year may also satisfy some requirements within the major. For students interested in exploring education during the first year, the introductory education course, EDUC 260, Foundations of Education, is recommended.

Undergraduate Teacher Licensure programs at Pacific

For students interested in pursuing a preliminary teaching license, instead of a Capstone experience, they will take additional coursework and teach in their endorsement area of interest alongside a seasoned educator during their final semester at Pacific.  Students who wish to explore a teaching career at any level (early childhood, elementary, middles school, or high school) are encouraged to contact Dr. Sellers Smith as early as possible after being admitted to the University.

Multiple Subjects 

Students who major in Education and Learning and would like to teach in an Early Childhood or Elementary setting have the option of obtaining a Preliminary Teaching License with endorsement in Multiple Subjects. This licensure pathway combines coursework in pedagogy, early child development, and academic content with strong clinical teaching experience in schools to prepare you for a career as a teacher of students in preschool through 5th grade.

Special Education (K-12 Generalist)

Students who major in Education and Learning and would like to teach differently-abled learners may pursue a Preliminary Teaching License with endorsement in Special Education.  This pathway, which combines child development, assessment, intervention techniques, pedagogy, professional ethics, and behavior management skills, prepares you to serve as a Special Educator.  A Preliminary Teaching License with the Special Education endorsement prepares you to teach students impacted by mild, moderate, and severe disabilities across grades Pre-K through 12.

Single Subject (Middle/High School Teaching)

Students who are interested in teaching Physical Education, Health, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Math, Foreign Language, or Language Arts should major in a related subject area (e.g. – Kinesiology, Science, History, Music, Literature, etc.) and are also required to apply to the professional preliminary licensure program through the School of Learning and Teaching (SLT) in order to complete a teaching license in addition to their Bachelor of Arts major.  Professional licensure coursework in classroom management, content-specific pedagogy, and educational psychology prepares you to teach at the secondary level upon completion of your B.A.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

For those interested in teaching heritage language speakers, the opportunity to complete an endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) can be obtained by combining the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) minor with a Preliminary Teaching License and appropriate major. Please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for additional details. 

Admission to the College of Education for earning your teaching license

To obtain the Oregon Preliminary Teaching License as an undergraduate, a student must apply for admission to the Licensure Program within the College of Education by March 1st of their sophomore year to ensure completion of the major and license within four years. This step comes in addition to declaring the Education and Learning major or a related major through the College of Arts and Sciences. Admission materials are available in the main office of the College of Education Office or on the College of Education’s webpage. 

     Transfer students who have already satisfied Pacific University's core requirements and are applying to the College of Arts and Sciences may simultaneously apply to the College of Education for admission to complete a Multiple Subjects, Special Education, or Single Subject Endorsement. Separate applications must be completed for each, and acceptance into the College of Arts and Sciences does not guarantee admission to the College of Education.

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