New Student Checklist

The summer before you begin your university journey will go by more quickly than you can imagine. As you prepare to join us here at Pacific, there is important information for you to review and several important tasks to complete. To ensure that you don't miss anything, we have developed a helpful checklist for you. We recommend that you read through this list carefully to make sure that you don't miss anything.


Register for Accommodations

OAA (Office of Accessibility and Accommodations) coordinates educational accommodations for students with a documented disability or condition that may limit their activities and/or academic achievements. Disabilities may be physical or learning related, and may be permanent or temporary.

If you have had accommodations in the past and wish to utilize them in your AuD program, please register with OAA through Accommodate prior to the start of Fall term.

Required BLS Healthcare Provider Training

As a Healthcare Provider, you are required to take the BLS Training for Healthcare Workers.  This training must be completed by Friday, August 9th prior to Orientation.  Please find instructions for this on the SOA Orientation Moodle Page

Required Compliance Training

Your compliance trainings will be assigned to you by early June 2024. These trainings must be completed before Orientation.  Don't stress! You have unlimited time and unlimited retakes on these trainings, unlike all of the exams you are going to take in the near future.

There are 13 sections of required online trainings through Relias. This is an online Pacific University portal. Please note, these trainings will take several hours to complete, so do these as soon as possible.

Log-in Instructions for Trainings:

  1. Sign into “My Pacific” on using your PU net ID (example: my PU net ID is bueh6925)
  2. Select “All Online Tools” 
  3. Select “Compliance Training” from the middle vertical menu
  4. Under My Enrolled Training, there should be 13 trainings assigned to you

Upload Your Immunization Records

The School of Audiology is using a third-party vendor to track immunizations. Students will create an online account through MyRecordTracker and upload all required immunization records into their student account portal through MyRecordTracker. New students will receive an email to create an account in MyRecordTracker by early June. The required cost is $10.75.

I can't stress enough how important it is to start working on these NOW!  Some of these can take several months to complete and if not completed, could affect your time in the clinic. Start NOW!

Please note that these are the required immunizations for HEALTH CARE WORKERS for the state of Oregon.  When checking with your medical provider, let them know that these requirements may be different than for the typical patient.

Required Immunizations:

  1. Hepatitis B (2-3 Shots) AND Titer
  2. MMR (2 shots OR Titer)
  3. Varicella (2 shots OR Titer)
  4. TDAP
  5. Tuberculosis Screening (2 step PPD within 1-3 weeks of each other)
  6. COVID-19 (2 shot COVID vaccine series OR J&J 1 shot COVID vaccine OR 2 shot Moderna OR 3 shot Pfizer-BioNtech OR 2023-2024 formula Vaccine i.e. Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer-BioNTech)
  7. COVID-19 Booster (If your current booster was more than 1 year ago you must provide proof of COVID Vaccine within 1 year)

Immunizations must be completed prior to participation in clinic activities. Clinic rotations start in early fall. Delay of this completion may delay your program completion.

*If you have any questions on this please contact: Beth Bafaro- 503-352-2657

Background Check & Drug Screen

New students will receive an email with instructions on how to create an account in Certiphi by early June.  If you don't receive this email, please contact Beth Bafaro at

All students must complete a background check and drug screening prior to beginning the program using Certiphi. Beth will receive copies of your background check and drug testing and will verify this with the Director of the program prior to classes beginning.

Background Check:

The cost for the background check starts at $19.50. Cost varies on number of places students have lived. (International students will have an additional charge up to $150 depending on the country.

Drug Testing:

The cost of the drug screening will be $29.00. The test must include checks for: amphetamines, methamphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, opiates, and phencyclidine.

Before beginning the doctoral audiology program into the AuD program, students are required to take a drug test through Certiphi. Per Oregon law (OAR 409-030), students must complete a drug test within three months of entrance into the program. Additional drug tests may be required by clinical sites and for post-graduation licensure. The results of the drug test are posted to the Certiphi secure website where the student can view the drug test results. For more information, see Students are responsible for all costs associated with drug tests.


Students are required to report any positive and negative dilute findings to the School of Audiology Director. Findings on a drug test may prevent matriculation into the doctoral audiology program, placement at clinical sites, and/or progression through the program.  Additionally, findings on a drug test may prevent students from being eligible for professional licensure and/or certification after graduation.

You must create a Certiphi account before July 1. Failure to do so will result in a $10.25 fee. 

*Please note that findings on the criminal background check and drug screen may prevent you from progressing through the program. Additionally, findings on the criminal background check and drug screen may prevent you from being eligible for future licensure as an audiologist by the State of Oregon and other states.

Waive or Accept Your Health Insurance

All students at Pacific University are required to be covered by medical insurance. The University offers an insurance plan through Academic Health Plans to cover medical needs beyond the scope of services provided at the Student Health Center. If you do not want the Student Health Insurance Plan, you must decline or opt-out of coverage by submitting a waiver

To view all enrollment and coverage periods available, please visit For questions about coverage or to inquire about more comprehensive coverage, please contact the Business Office, 503-352-2128 or email

More information about the Pacific University Student Health Service can be found at:

For medical insurance waiver questions contact or one of the Accounts Receivable staff

Boxer ID Cards & Tuality Badges

Please email Beth Bafaro at your preferred photo for your Boxer Badge. We will have your badge made and ready for you when you arrive.  

Because the School of Audiology is located in the OHSU Tuality Medical Building you must also have a Hillsboro Medical Center (HMC) badge to get you in and out of our building during off hours. We will have these ready for you to pickup at orientation.

Computer Requirements

Having a PC for graduate school is a must-have tool that greatly enhances your academic performance. It provides you with a reliable platform to take notes, stay organized, and complete assignments on time. With your computer, you can work from anywhere, whether in the library or the comfort of your home.  You are required to own a laptop computer for your coursework by the first day of orientation.

To ensure that you are successful here at Pacific University, Doctor of Audiology students are required to use Windows laptop computers rather than Mac laptops.  This is because the majority of audiology software is not compatible with Mac computers.  If you need help choosing the right PC, don't hesitate to contact the school's IT department for guidance. By investing in a PC, you'll be setting yourself up for academic success.

We are aware that many of you might already be using a Mac Computer, and that this will be an added cost for you if needing to purchase a new device.  Rest assured, the financial aid Cost of Attendance includes an allocation for this purpose if you are borrowing loans.  You can reach out to your Financial Aid counselor for more information.  This will not automatically be added to your financial aid package, so please reach out to Lisa Christensen, your financial aid counselor at as soon as possible.

Financial Aid

Lisa Christensen is the financial aid counselor assigned to the School of Audiology. She is available to meet with students as they plan their financial aid needs. Feel free to contact her with questions about financial aid at 503-352-2863 or

In order to receive your financial aid when classes begin, make sure you have completed the following by July 15, 2024:

*Please note you only need to complete these if you are accepting these loans

For those students anticipating a refund check to help cover the various expenses, such as background checks, CPR, first aid, student portfolios, etc., please contact the Business Office for refund options and instructions at or 503-352-2128.

Electronic Tracking System

You will be required to purchase an electronic tracking system called CALIPSO prior to the start of classes. 

An email will be sent to you with directions on how to register and pay for CALIPSO later, don't worry about this right now. The required cost is $100.00.

During your first few weeks of class, you will be learning how access and use CALIPSO for patient contact hours and evaluation.