SIMLab Auditory Research Lab

The Auditory Research Lab (SIMLab) is part of the School of Audiology at Pacific University.  In this lab, David Brown, PhD focuses on research involving otoacoustic emissions and evoked potentials (ABR) in a pediatric population.  

The SIMLab was opened in August 2013 in the beginning of the second year of the School of Audiology.

Lab Director

David Brown

David K. Brown, PhD, a Pediatric Audiologist, is an Associate Professor and Director of the SIMLab in the School of Audiology at Pacific University. He has a BA and MA in Speech Pathology & Audiology from Western Washington University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Calgary.

He is interested in the development of screening and diagnostic tools such as Otoacoustic Emissions, Wideband Acoustic Immittance, Evoked Potentials and Auditory Processing Tests.  Dr. Brown has lectured across North America, published numerous articles and book chapters. Read More.