Athletic Training Program Admissions

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Admissions Requirements

  • Verified ATCAS application
  • Official transcripts from every institution attended
    • Demonstrate a plan to complete all prerequisite courses
    • Recommend that the last 45 credits GPA is 2.75 or higher
  • Responses to essay questions
  • Two letters of recommendation
    • One from an athletic trainer is preferred
    • A second recommender who knows you well (athletic trainer, employer, professor, etc.) 
  • Recommend a minimum of 50 hours of volunteering and/or observation under the supervision of an athletic trainer or related health care professional
  • Signed Technical Standards
  • Participation in an online interview with Athletic Training Admission Committee
  • Currently, the Athletic Training Program is unable to accept international students.  The program is in the process of submitting the required forms to allow submission of international students, and we encourage you to check back for further information

The applications to the program are managed by ATCAS.  The fee is $90 for the first program you apply to and $55 for each additional program.

The Admissions Committee considers many factors, including:

  • Strength and breadth of academic record
  • Evidence of volunteering and/or observation, under the supervision of one or more professionals in the field of athletic training. Experience in a variety of settings is preferred.
  • Strength of letters of evaluation
  • Extracurricular and community activities
  • Content of application forms and the care with which they have been prepared

More Information

The GRE is not required. 


Prior to enrollment in the professional program, students must earn a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and have completed the below pre-professional courses. All prerequisite work must be completed by the start of the program. All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher and taken on a graded basis; pass-fail courses are not acceptable. If a student is given the opportunity to select between a graded option and pass-fail, we encourage all students to select a graded option.  However, if a student’s institution elects to convert all grades to a pass fall, passing grades will be accepted as having met the prerequisite for course(s) taken during the spring 2020 or summer 2020 semesters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Science prerequisite courses must be for science majors and pre-professional students (e.g. pre-physical therapy, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-athletic training), and must include a laboratory. If science courses were taken more than seven years prior to application, applicants must demonstrate competency in more recent coursework.  Relevant current work experience will be considered for prerequisite coursework on a case by case basis.

Prerequisite Coursework 

All prerequisites must be completed through a regionally accredited college or university.

Biological Science

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology with labs (complete series; combined courses or as separate courses)
  • Biology (one course)


  • General Physics (one course)


  • General Chemistry (one course)

Recommended content topics within Physics and Chemistry that will help establish a strong foundation for the material taught in the athletic training program.

Exercise Science

  • Exercise Physiology (one course)
  • Anatomical Kinesiology/Biomechanics (one course)
  • Nutrition (one course)


  • General Psychology or Sports Psychology (one course)


  • General Statistics or Behavioral Statistics or Social Statistics (one course)

Other preferred courses include

  • Motor Control
  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Medical Terminology 
  • Health and Wellness 

Unofficial Prerequisite Worksheet

Pacific University offers an optional service for candidates who would like their academic history reviewed.  Use the MSAT Unofficial Prerequisite Worksheet to help determine which prerequisites are fulfilled and which courses you may still need to complete for the Athletic Training program.

Completed worksheets can be submitted via email, fax, or postal mail.

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