Art & Design | Academic Advising Handbook

The Art Department has revised both the Fine Art and Design Tracks for the 2020-21 catalog year. The credits were lowered for the Fine Art Major to 46 from 50 and the Art Minor from 26 to 20. These changes make the Art Major tracks more efficient and easier to complete. The Art Minor is a great compliment to any major and now will be easier to complete.

Making art is not only an important outlet for creative self-expression and a stress reducing activity, it actually helps students increase their awareness of the world around them, provides opportunities to tactilely engage with the physical world, and helps generate multiple solutions to problems, often with unexpected results. This type of creative problem-solving is a transferable skill and a useful tool for most disciplines. Students practiced in this type of hands-on, inquisitive creative process might develop more engaging lesson plans as teachers, develop more unique business strategies, become more empathic social works, or observe more carefully physical subtleties in patients as medical professionals. Innovation is at the root of this mindset, and innovation is what drives the economy. The practice of art also helps balance people psychologically,  encouraging them live more enjoyable and create lives, regardless of their job.