The Cawein Gallery welcomes submissions from artists interested in showing their work at Pacific University. Every proposal is reviewed equally and evaluated based on aesthetic appeal, conceptual merit and contemporary relevance. The Cawein Gallery has a strong educational mission, therefore artists submitting work to be shown must be able to speak publicly about their work: its precedents in art history, the aesthetics and formal choices made and the concepts/content in the work. 


Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure full consideration of your proposal. 

Your proposal must contain:

  • A well written artist statement that directly pertains to the body of work you are submitting in PDF format, named "your last name_artist statement" 
  • 10 digital images of 10 different pieces of art that are in the body of work you are submitting, collated into a single PDF document, named "your last name_images"  
  • A short (approx. 300 word) statement that explains what your work has to offer students at Pacific University in PDF format, named "your last name_statement"

Proposal Format

Attach your three PDF documents to an email that provides your name, the city and state you reside in and a concise but current biography statement. Send the email to and write "Cawein Gallery Submission" in the subject line. 

The Cawein Gallery will only except submission documents in PDF format. Do not send files in formats such as: .jpeg, .tiff, .docx, .ppt, etc.  

You will receive an initial email response confirming that your proposal was received.

Approximately one month after your submission is received, you will receive a secondary email response informing you if your proposal was selected for an exhibition or not selected for an exhibition. 


The Gallery Space 

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