Athletic Training Program Tuition & Fees

Total tuition and fees start at $30,571 for Athletic Training students in 2022-2023. 

The Pacific University Financial Aid Office establishes a Cost of Attendance annually, which reflects an estimate of what we think it will cost you to attend Pacific for one year. The estimated cost of attendance reflects direct costs, such as tuition and other fees paid to Pacific University, as well as estimated indirect costs, such as books, transportation, or off-campus living, that may be expected while pursuing your degree. The estimated cost of attendance is used in determining students' financial aid eligibility and awards. 

Cost of Attendance Information


Indirect costs

Many of your clinical educational experiences will be off campus and will require transportation (public transportation, carpooling or driving) to locations in Portland and surrounding areas.

The cost of immunizations are dependent upon a number of variables. For example, the students previous immunization record, personal insurance coverage, where immunizations are obtained, etc.

@NATA student membership is optional.  However, membership enables student access to NATA resources to grow professionally and academically, and reduced rates for conference and BOC exam registration. 

Students are highly encouraged to attend the Northwest Athletic Trainers' Association District 10 meetings during the month of March.  Possible locations include Portland, Boise, Spokane, and Tacoma.  Students may have the opportunity to present, participate in Quiz Bowl, network and attend educational programming.

Apply for Financial Aid

Need-based aid in the form of grants, loans, work-study, and other funding is available to those who demonstrate financial need. Not all students will receive all types of aid. Ensure your financial aid eligibility by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and contact your financial aid counselor in the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Federal Work-Study

This need-based financial aid program allows eligible students to work on campus or in the community. Indicate your interest when filling out your FAFSA. The FAFSA must be processed by March 1 to be considered.

Federal Direct Loans

Two kinds of federal loans are available to master of science in athletic training students: Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans. Students can borrow up to $20,500 in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans each year. Interest on these loans will begin accruing at a fixed rate of 5.41 percent when the loans are disbursed. (Please note: Federal Direct Subsidized Loans for graduate students were discontinued as of June 30, 2012). Students can also apply for credit-based Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans for up to the annual cost of attendance minus other financial aid received. These loans will begin accruing interest at a fixed rate of 6.41 percent upon disbursement.

Alternative Loans

These loans are offered by private lenders to credit-worthy applicants to help cover educational expenses. Lenders have varying credit approval criteria that applicants must meet. These loans may have variable or fixed interest rates. Interest will begin accruing upon disbursement. Students should consider federal loans before applying for alternative loans since federal loan repayment options may be superior.

Outside Scholarships and Resources

NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship:
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